Master Your Sky City with My Airborne Kingdom Guide


Welcome to my comprehensive guide on Airborne Kingdom, the captivating city builder game set in the sky. As you embark on your journey, you’ll have the opportunity to construct your own unique sky city, control an airship, and manage your citizens. With my expert tips and strategies, you’ll be equipped to tackle the challenges of building, expanding, and maintaining your floating metropolis. Get ready to unleash your potential and soar to new heights!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to build and manage your airship and housing blocks.
  • Effectively gather and manage resources like coal, wood, and water.
  • Unlock upgrades and enhancements for your airship through the technology tree.
  • Discover the necessary resources and blueprints to expand your sky city.
  • Keep your citizens happy by managing population and mood.

Absolute Beginners: Building Your Airship and Housing Blocks

Starting your journey in Airborne Kingdom can be an exciting and immersive experience, but as an absolute beginner, you might feel overwhelmed with where to begin. Fear not! I’m here to guide you through the first steps of building your airship and housing blocks, laying the foundation for your sky city. Let’s dive in!

Building Your Airship

The first essential task is to construct your airship, the centerpiece of your sky city. To do this, access the building menu by pressing X. Once in the menu, select the airship icon and carefully place it on the platform. It’s important to find a balance between functionality and aesthetics when positioning your airship. Remember, it will be your citizens’ home, so ensure that it’s easily accessible and strategically located within your city.

Creating Housing Blocks

With your airship in place, it’s time to provide housing for your citizens. Access the building menu again and select the housing block icon. Place your housing blocks on the railing of the airship to maximize your living space. It’s important to make efficient use of the available space to accommodate as many citizens as possible. Keep in mind that citizens need a comfortable and safe environment to thrive, so ensure proper ventilation and lighting in each housing block.

Building Materials Required
Airship Wood, Iron, Glass
Housing Block Wood, Iron

Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter various challenges and opportunities for growth. By following these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to building a thriving sky city in Airborne Kingdom. In the next section, we’ll explore resource management and uncover strategies to keep your city running smoothly. So stay tuned!

Managing Resources: Coal, Wood, Water, and More

In Airborne Kingdom, effective resource management is the key to success. As you build and expand your sky city, it’s important to prioritize the gathering and utilization of essential resources such as coal, wood, and water.

Gathering Coal

Coal is a vital resource that powers your airship, allowing it to stay afloat and move through the skies. To gather coal, send your citizens to the ground where they can mine it. Keep an eye on your coal storage to ensure a sufficient supply for your airship’s operations.

Utilizing Wood

Wood is a versatile resource that serves multiple purposes in Airborne Kingdom. It is not only crucial for constructing buildings but can also be used as fuel for your airship. Ensure that you have enough wood by gathering it from trees on the ground and storing it properly.

Collecting Water

Water is essential for sustaining your citizens in Airborne Kingdom. You can send your workers to nearby lakes where they can collect water and bring it back to your city. It’s important to have a steady supply of water to keep your citizens hydrated and productive.

Resource Method of Gathering Primary Use
Coal Mining from the ground Powering the airship
Wood Gathering from trees Building and fuel
Water Collecting from lakes Sustaining citizens

By effectively managing these resources and ensuring a steady supply, you can keep your city running smoothly and maintain the functionality of your airship. Remember to regularly check your resource storage and make adjustments as needed to prevent any shortages or interruptions in your sky city’s operations.

Technology Tree: Upgrading Your Airship

One of the key aspects of Airborne Kingdom is the technology tree, which allows you to upgrade and enhance your airship. The technology tree is a progression system that unlocks new blueprints and upgrades as you research and invest resources. By strategically selecting advancements, you can improve your airship’s lift, speed, and propulsion, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey through the skies.

The technology tree in Airborne Kingdom offers a wide range of options for customization and optimization. You have the freedom to choose which upgrades to prioritize based on your gameplay style and objectives. Whether you want to focus on increasing your airship’s carrying capacity or enhancing its maneuverability, the technology tree provides the tools to tailor your sky city to your preferences.

Upgrading Your Airship

Each upgrade in the technology tree requires specific resources and research points. By gathering resources like coal, wood, and water, you can fund your research and unlock new blueprints. These blueprints allow you to add wings, fans, balloons, and vertical rotors to your airship, improving its performance and stability.

For example, adding wings to your airship will increase its lift and allow it to carry more buildings and citizens. Fans can enhance the propulsion of your airship, increasing its speed and maneuverability. Implementing balloons will improve the overall buoyancy, making it easier for your airship to stay afloat. Vertical rotors provide additional control and stability, ensuring a steady flight even in challenging weather conditions.

Upgrade Effect Required Resources
Wings Increase lift and carrying capacity Coal, Wood, Water
Fans Improve propulsion and speed Coal, Wood, Water
Balloons Enhance buoyancy and stability Coal, Wood, Water
Vertical Rotors Provide control and stability Coal, Wood, Water

As you progress in Airborne Kingdom, remember to regularly consult the technology tree and invest in upgrades that align with your goals. Managing your resources efficiently and strategically selecting advancements will lead to a well-optimized airship that can handle the challenges and opportunities of your sky city.

Building Your Sky City: Trees, Iron, Glass, and More

In Airborne Kingdom, constructing a thriving sky city requires gathering essential resources and erecting various buildings. Let’s explore the key resources and their importance in the construction process.

Gathering Resources

As you embark on your sky city-building journey, trees will be your primary resource. Not only do they provide the essential materials for construction, but they can also serve as a fuel source to power your city. Keep an eye out for forests and strategically gather trees to meet your needs.

In addition to trees, iron is crucial for advanced structures. Scout the ground below your airship to locate iron deposits that can be mined and utilized in your construction projects. Glass, another important building material, can be crafted from quartz, while cotton is necessary for creating canvas for specific buildings. Research the necessary blueprints in the technology tree to unlock these buildings and expand your sky city.

Resource Management

Managing your resources efficiently is vital for sustaining your sky city’s growth. Keep a close track of your resource storage to ensure a steady supply for your construction projects. Allocate your workers effectively to gather the required resources so that your city can continue to flourish.

Resource Usage Gathering Method
Trees Construction material and fuel Gather from forests
Iron Advanced structures Mine from the ground
Glass Building material Craft from quartz
Cotton Create canvas for certain buildings Grow cotton plants

By effectively managing and utilizing these key resources, you can ensure a steady supply for your construction projects and create a flourishing sky city in Airborne Kingdom.

Managing Population and Mood: Keeping Your Citizens Happy

Your citizens are the heart and soul of your sky city in Airborne Kingdom. As the ruler, it is essential to manage their population and keep track of their mood to create a thriving and content community. By addressing their needs and ensuring their happiness, you can maintain a stable and productive workforce. Here are some key strategies for managing population and citizen mood:

Promote a Balanced Population

Having a balanced population is crucial for the well-being of your sky city. Ensure that you have sufficient housing available for your citizens by constructing enough Housing Blocks. This will prevent overcrowding and make your citizens feel comfortable and content. Monitor your population count regularly to identify any housing shortages and take action accordingly.

Cater to Citizen Needs

Keeping your citizens happy requires meeting their needs. Provide them with essential resources such as food, water, and entertainment. Build Farm Blocks and assign workers to grow crops for food supply. Establish water collection points near lakes or rivers for easy access to water. Additionally, construct Leisure Blocks to provide entertainment and leisure activities to boost citizen morale.

Address Mood and Concerns

Monitor citizen mood indicators, such as happiness and productivity levels. Interact with your citizens by engaging in conversations and addressing their concerns promptly. If a citizen is feeling upset or dissatisfied, take the necessary steps to address their issues and improve their mood. This could involve providing additional resources, improving living conditions, or fulfilling their desires.

By effectively managing your population and attending to their needs, you can create a harmonious and thriving community in your sky city. Happy citizens will contribute to the growth and success of your city, making it a prosperous and enjoyable place to live.

Key Strategies Benefits
Promote a Balanced Population Prevent overcrowding and ensure citizen comfort
Cater to Citizen Needs Boost morale and productivity
Address Mood and Concerns Improve citizen satisfaction and happiness

Exploring the World: Quests, Alliances, and Wonders

Exploring the vast world of Airborne Kingdom is an exciting and rewarding experience. In your journey, you will encounter various quests that will test your skills and unlock new opportunities for your sky city. These quests can range from gathering resources and constructing specific buildings to establishing alliances with other kingdoms. Completing quests not only grants valuable rewards but also helps your city grow and thrive. Keep an eye out for quest markers and embark on these adventures to expand your horizons and uncover the wonders of the world.

Quest Types and Objectives

Quests in Airborne Kingdom come in different types, each with its own set of objectives. Some quests require you to gather a specific amount of resources, while others task you with constructing unique buildings or expanding your population. Completing these objectives will earn you resources, technology blueprints, and the favor of other kingdoms. Make sure to prioritize your quests and focus on those that align with your goals and city’s needs. Remember, every completed quest brings you one step closer to building a renowned and prosperous sky city.

Building Alliances and Skyport

Establishing alliances with other kingdoms is key to the growth and success of your sky city. By completing quests and fulfilling the requests of other kingdoms, you can gain their trust and support. Building a Skyport acts as a hub for communication and trade, allowing you to interact with different kingdoms and forge alliances. These alliances can provide various benefits, such as access to unique resources, advanced technologies, and even new citizens for your city. Invest time and effort in building strong alliances to create a thriving network of support and collaboration.

Discovering Ancient Wonders

As you explore the world of Airborne Kingdom, you will encounter ancient wonders scattered throughout the lands. These wonders hold great significance and offer valuable advantages for your city. Uncovering these ancient wonders requires solving puzzles, fulfilling specific requirements, or meeting certain conditions. Once unlocked, these wonders can provide enhanced productivity, increased resource yields, and unique abilities for your city. Seek out these wonders and leverage their power to elevate your sky city to new heights of prosperity and grandeur.

Quest Type Objective Rewards
Gathering Collect a specific amount of resources Resources, technology blueprints
Construction Build specific buildings or expand population Resources, population increase
Alliance Fulfill requests of other kingdoms, build Skyport Access to unique resources, advanced technologies, new citizens
Discovering Wonders Solve puzzles, meet requirements, unlock ancient wonders Enhanced productivity, increased resource yields, unique abilities

Balancing Act: Weight, Propulsion, and Lift

In Airborne Kingdom, maintaining a balance between weight, propulsion, and lift is crucial for the smooth operation of your sky city. As you add more buildings and structures, it becomes essential to ensure that your city remains balanced, preventing tilting and discomfort for your citizens. Let’s take a closer look at each aspect and how to manage them effectively.

Weight Management

Weight management involves keeping track of the total weight of your airship, including buildings, resources, and citizens. To prevent your airship from becoming too heavy, prioritize essential structures and avoid unnecessary additions. Regularly assess the weight of your city and consider removing or relocating buildings to maintain a balanced load.


Propulsion is what keeps your airship moving forward. Ensure that your airship has sufficient propulsion power to overcome wind resistance and navigate smoothly through the sky. Upgrade your propulsion systems in the technology tree to enhance speed and efficiency. By improving your propulsion, you can optimize the performance of your city and explore new areas more efficiently.


Lift is crucial for keeping your airship afloat. Adequate lift ensures that your city remains at the desired altitude and does not descend uncontrollably. Upgrade your lift systems to improve stability and prevent sudden drops. Balancing the weight of your city and optimizing lift will keep your citizens comfortable and your airship safe.

Aspect Management Tips
  • Prioritize essential buildings and resources
  • Regularly assess and manage weight
  • Remove or relocate buildings if necessary
  • Upgrade propulsion systems for improved speed and efficiency
  • Ensure sufficient propulsion power to overcome wind resistance
  • Upgrade lift systems for better stability
  • Balance weight and optimize lift to prevent sudden drops

By maintaining a careful balance between weight, propulsion, and lift, you can create a harmonious and efficient sky city in Airborne Kingdom. Remember to regularly reassess and adjust as needed to ensure the smooth operation of your city. With proper management, your citizens will enjoy a comfortable and prosperous life in the clouds.

Customization and Sandbox Mode: Making Your Sky City Unique

In Airborne Kingdom, the customization options allow you to create a sky city that is truly one-of-a-kind. With the ability to change the color palettes of your airship and buildings, you can personalize every aspect of your city. Let your creativity shine as you design a sky city that reflects your unique vision.

Additionally, Airborne Kingdom features a sandbox mode where you have complete freedom to build the airship of your dreams without any limitations. This mode allows you to experiment with different layouts, structures, and aesthetics to create the ultimate sky city. Whether you want to create a sprawling metropolis or a tranquil oasis in the clouds, sandbox mode provides the perfect opportunity to bring your imagination to life.

Customization Options

When it comes to customization, Airborne Kingdom offers a range of options to help you create a sky city that is as unique as you are. The color palettes allow you to choose from a variety of vibrant hues, enabling you to create a visually stunning city that stands out from the rest. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant colors or a more subdued and elegant palette, the choice is yours.

Furthermore, the game provides a wide selection of building designs and styles, allowing you to mix and match different architectural elements to create a city that is visually cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. From sleek and modern structures to charming and whimsical buildings, you can bring your architectural vision to life with ease.

Sandbox Mode: Unleash Your Creativity

Sandbox mode is where your creativity can truly soar. In this mode, you have unlimited resources and the freedom to build without any constraints. Whether you want to create a towering skyscraper, an intricate network of bridges and walkways, or a lush garden paradise, the possibilities are endless.

With sandbox mode, there are no restrictions on space or resources, allowing you to experiment and push the boundaries of your imagination. You can create unique structures, design intricate landscapes, and unleash your creativity to its fullest extent. Let your sky city become a reflection of your wildest dreams and imagination.

Customization Options Sandbox Mode
– Color palettes for airship and buildings – Unlimited resources
– Various building designs and styles – Freedom to build without constraints
– Personalize every aspect of your city – Create unique structures and landscapes
– Reflect your unique vision – Unleash your creativity to its fullest extent

Conclusion: Unleash Your Potential in the Skies

Airborne Kingdom is an extraordinary city builder game that allows you to defy gravity and build a majestic sky city. Throughout this guide, I have provided you with valuable tips and strategies to help you master the art of managing your airship, resources, and citizens. By following these insights, you can unleash your potential and create a sky city that soars to new heights.

With its captivating quests, vibrant world, and endless customization options, Airborne Kingdom offers an immersive and unique experience. The game encourages creativity and exploration, allowing you to build the sky city of your dreams. Whether you prefer following the technology tree to upgrade your airship or forging alliances with other kingdoms, the possibilities for growth and expansion are limitless.

Remember, the key to success lies in balancing your resources, managing your population, and optimizing your airship’s lift and propulsion. By maintaining harmony within your sky city, you can ensure the happiness and productivity of your citizens. Keep an eye on their mood, fulfill their needs, and watch your community thrive.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to unleash your creativity, make strategic decisions, and take your sky city to new horizons. Embrace the limitless potential that Airborne Kingdom offers and embark on an unforgettable journey through the clouds. The skies are calling, and your city awaits!

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