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Welcome to my comprehensive guide to Egg, Inc.! If you’re looking to become a master in chicken farming strategies and embark on an egg-centric entrepreneurship journey, you’ve come to the right place. Egg, Inc. is an addictive idle clicker game that challenges players to manage a chicken farm and build their egg empire. With the right strategies and tips, you’ll soon be on your way to becoming a top-notch egg farmer!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the basics of chicken management, resource management, and upgrading essential facilities like hen houses, delivery trucks, and silos.
  • Regularly check missions and prioritize completing them for milestone rewards and prestige, which provides a multiplier to earnings.
  • Invest wisely in research options to boost income and unlock permanent bonuses.
  • Strategically time prestiges to maximize earnings and accumulate soul eggs for a significant boost in the next playthrough.
  • Don’t miss out on catching valuable drones that offer cash bonuses and soul eggs.

Understand The Basics

In Egg, Inc., effective chicken management and resource management are key to success. To run a successful chicken farm, players must understand the basic mechanics of the game. Let’s dive into the essential aspects of chicken farming in Egg, Inc.

Hen Houses

Hen houses play a crucial role in egg production. These structures house the chickens and determine the capacity of your farm. It’s important to upgrade your hen houses regularly to increase their capacity and accommodate more chickens. This will result in higher egg production and ultimately lead to greater profits.

Delivery Trucks

Delivery trucks are responsible for selling your eggs. Managing these trucks effectively is essential for maximizing your earnings. Upgrade your trucks to increase their capacity, allowing you to transport and sell more eggs at once. This will help you generate a steady stream of income and propel your egg farm towards success.


Utilizing silos can greatly enhance your income, even when you’re offline. Silos store excess eggs and generate income over time. Make sure to invest in silos and upgrade them to increase their capacity. This will allow you to accumulate more eggs and earn additional income, even when you’re not actively playing the game.

Aspect Importance
Hen Houses Crucial
Delivery Trucks Important
Silos Beneficial

Proper resource management is vital for efficient egg production. By understanding the basics of chicken management, upgrading hen houses, managing delivery trucks effectively, and utilizing silos, players can optimize their egg production and build a successful egg empire in Egg, Inc.

Check Your Mission

In Egg, Inc., missions play a crucial role in your progress and success. These missions are essentially objectives that you need to complete in order to earn milestone rewards and advance in the game. By regularly checking your missions and focusing on completing them, you can unlock valuable rewards that will help you build your ultimate egg empire.

Mission objectives can vary, ranging from reaching a certain number of chickens or eggs produced to upgrading specific facilities. Each completed mission earns you milestone rewards, which often include premium currency that can be used for various upgrades and enhancements. These rewards are essential for boosting your overall progress and expanding your egg empire.

One important aspect to consider is the timing of prestige. Prestige allows you to reset your farm, but it also provides a multiplier to your earnings and retains certain bonuses. By strategically timing your prestige, you can maximize your overall progress and income. It’s important to weigh the benefits of prestige against the potential rewards of completing missions, as both can significantly impact your gameplay.

Table: Milestone Rewards

Mission Objective Reward
Reach 10,000 chickens 100 golden eggs
Produce 1 million eggs 500 golden eggs
Upgrade all hen houses to level 10 1,000 golden eggs
Reach a farm value of $1 trillion Premium currency pack

Remember, missions are not only a means to progress in Egg, Inc., but they also provide additional challenges and objectives to keep the game engaging and exciting. So always check your missions and strive to complete them to reap the rewards and achieve success in your chicken farming journey!

Don’t Neglect Your Research

Research is a crucial aspect of maximizing your earnings in Egg, Inc. By investing in strategic research options, you can boost your income and enhance your overall gameplay. Prioritizing the right research options at each stage of the game is key to achieving success.

Early on, focus on research options that provide income boosts, such as Comfortable Nest and Nutritional Supplements. These upgrades will help you increase your egg production and earn more money. As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock higher-tier research options that offer permanent bonuses. These include upgrades like Hold to Hatch, Lab Upgrade, and Prestige Bonus, which will continue to benefit you in all your future playthroughs.

To make informed decisions about which research options to invest in, consider the specific goals you want to achieve. Whether it’s increasing your farm value, maximizing your egg production, or earning more golden eggs, there are research options available to help you reach these milestones.

Table: Recommended Research Options

Research Option Description
Comfortable Nest Increases the egg laying rate of all your chickens.
Nutritional Supplements Boosts the value of all eggs.
Hold to Hatch Increases the hatch rate when holding down on the screen.
Lab Upgrade Improves the research speed and efficiency.
Prestige Bonus Increases the earnings bonus from prestiging.

Remember, research is an ongoing process in Egg, Inc. As you unlock new options and progress further in the game, reassess your research priorities and make adjustments accordingly. By investing wisely in research, you can boost your income, optimize your egg production, and build the ultimate egg empire.

When to Prestige

In Egg, Inc., prestige is a crucial mechanic that allows players to reset their farm while retaining certain bonuses and earning soul eggs – the key to permanent earnings boosts. Timing your prestiges strategically can significantly impact your progress in the game. It’s essential to accumulate a sufficient number of soul eggs before prestiging to ensure a substantial boost in your next playthrough.

Prestiging too early may result in a slower progression rate, as you won’t have enough soul eggs to provide a significant earnings multiplier. On the other hand, waiting too long to prestige can also hinder your progress, as the game becomes slower and more challenging without the benefits of a reset. So, finding the right balance is crucial.

To maximize your earnings, consider increasing your farm value by focusing on upgrades and research options that boost income. Keep an eye on your current earnings rate and compare it to the projected earnings rate after prestiging. This will help you determine the optimal time to reset your farm and gain the most benefit from soul eggs.

Table: Soul Egg Multiplier Breakdown

Soul Eggs Multiplier
0 1x
10 2x
100 4x
1,000 8x
10,000 16x

As the table above demonstrates, the more soul eggs you have, the greater the earning multiplier becomes. Therefore, it’s recommended to aim for a significant number of soul eggs before prestiging to maximize your future earnings potential.

Additionally, don’t forget to invest your golden eggs wisely. Golden eggs can be valuable resources that aid in your progress. Consider allocating them towards Epic research options like Soul Food and Prestige Bonus, which offer long-term and permanent benefits to your egg empire.

Catch Those Drones

In Egg, Inc., drones are a valuable resource that can provide cash bonuses and even drop soul eggs. These drones occasionally appear on the screen, and tapping on them quickly rewards players with instant cash. The value of the rewards depends on the number of chickens in the hen houses, and as players progress in the game, the rewards become more lucrative. It is important to actively catch the drones as they appear to take advantage of the bonuses they provide.

Players should keep an eye out for drones that fly across the screen and tap on them as soon as possible. Each drone caught rewards players with a certain amount of cash, which can help boost earnings and progress in the game. Additionally, some drones may drop soul eggs, which provide a permanent boost to earnings. Maximizing the number of drones caught can greatly accelerate the growth of your egg empire.

To increase the chances of catching drones, players can consider upgrading hen houses to increase the chicken population. A higher chicken population means more valuable drones with better rewards. It is also important to regularly upgrade other aspects of the farm, such as delivery trucks and silos, to ensure efficient egg production and maximize the value of the rewards earned from catching drones.

Benefits of Catching Drones Strategies to Catch More Drones
  • Instant cash bonuses
  • Possible drop of soul eggs
  • Larger rewards with more chickens
  • Accelerates earnings and progress
  • Upgrade hen houses for more chickens
  • Regularly upgrade delivery trucks and silos
  • Keep an eye out for drones on the screen
  • Tap on drones quickly to catch them

Upgrade The Eggs Often

In Egg, Inc., upgrading the eggs you sell is a crucial strategy for maximizing your earnings and progressing in the game. As you reach certain farm values, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to higher-value eggs, which provide more income per egg. Regularly upgrading to the next egg type is essential for increasing your earning potential and taking your egg empire to new heights.

Each egg type has specific farm value requirements that you need to meet in order to unlock them. These requirements serve as milestones to gauge your progress and signify your readiness to move on to the next egg. By meeting these requirements and upgrading your eggs, you’ll be able to exponentially increase your income, allowing you to invest more in your farm and research.

To help you visualize the progression of eggs and their respective farm value requirements, here’s a table showcasing some of the key egg upgrades in Egg, Inc.:

Egg Type Farm Value Requirement
Egg 1 $10,000
Egg 2 $50,000
Egg 3 $1,000,000
Egg 4 $100,000,000

Remember, upgrading your eggs is not only about increasing your income, but also about unlocking new research options and progressing in the game. So keep an eye on your farm value and aim to meet the requirements for the next egg upgrade. With each upgrade, you’ll be one step closer to building the ultimate egg empire in Egg, Inc.!

Do Not Buy Time Boosts

In Egg, Inc., players have the option to purchase time boosts using golden eggs, which promise quick cash earnings. However, I strongly advise against spending your precious golden eggs on these time boosts. Instead, it is wiser to invest them in permanent upgrades that provide long-term benefits and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Golden eggs are a valuable resource in Egg, Inc. They can be used to unlock and upgrade Epic research options, which offer significant bonuses. These permanent upgrades have a lasting impact on your farm and can greatly boost your earnings. By carefully choosing the right Epic research options, you can maximize your egg production, improve delivery truck efficiency, and increase the rate at which you earn income while offline.

By focusing on permanent upgrades rather than time boosts, you can ensure steady progress in the game. Time boosts may offer a temporary speed-up in cash earnings, but they do not provide any lasting benefits. Investing your golden eggs in Epic research options will yield much greater returns and make your egg empire thrive in the long run.

Advantages of Investing in Permanent Upgrades:

  • Enhanced egg production
  • Improved delivery truck efficiency
  • Increase in offline income generation
  • Long-term benefits for sustainable progress

Remember, patience is key in Egg, Inc. The game is all about strategic decision-making and long-term planning. So, resist the temptation to buy time boosts with your golden eggs and instead, invest them wisely in permanent upgrades that will take your egg empire to new heights!

Table: Comparison between Time Boosts and Permanent Upgrades

Time Boosts Permanent Upgrades
Effect Temporary cash boost Long-term benefits
Duration Short-term Lasting
Impact on Gameplay Immediate, but limited Sustainable progress
Value for Golden Eggs Low High

Invest In A Piggy Bank

If you’re looking for the best value in Egg, Inc., I highly recommend investing in the piggy bank. As you progress in the game, the piggy bank collects golden eggs that can be used to purchase valuable upgrades. By investing some real money, you can make the most of this feature and unlock permanent Epic research options that provide significant bonuses.

Cracking open the piggy bank strategically allows you to maximize your golden egg earnings. Instead of spending golden eggs on other options, consider saving them up and investing in the permanent upgrades. This will give you long-term benefits and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Remember, the piggy bank offers the best value in the game. By making a small investment, you can reap the rewards and take your chicken farm to new heights. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your earnings and unlock powerful upgrades. Invest in the piggy bank today!

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