How To Get Adamant Hammer in Return to Moria


Are you prepared to wield ultimate crafting skills and master Return to Moria? If you want a top-notch weapon to defeat foes and reveal the end scene, the Adamant Hammer is key. But how do you get this legendary tool to better your game? We will show you how to create the Adamant Hammer and rule the realm of Return to Moria.

Unlock and Build Khuzdul Forge

The first step to get the Adamant Hammer is by unlocking and building the Khuzdul Forge. It’s essential for making the hammer.

Players need to move forward in the story until they reach The Lower Deeps. There, they should find and fix drain pumps. Using Ubasam Wood helps fix the pipes, drain the water, and finally open the way to the Great Belegost Forge. This action then allows players to unlock the Khuzdul Forge.

Unlocking and establishing the Khuzdul Forge is a key moment in the game. It lets players create not just the Adamant Hammer but shows they’re moving ahead in their path. The forge is also a key place. It upgrades their crafting skills and opens new crafting doors.

Here’s a guide on how to get the Khuzdul Forge:

  1. Continue in the story until you reach The Lower Deeps.
  2. Find the drain pumps.
  3. Gather Ubasam Wood from the area.
  4. Use the wood to fix pipes and remove the water.
  5. Get to the Great Belegost Forge.
  6. Open and enter the Khuzdul Forge.

With the Khuzdul Forge available, players can start using its benefits for crafting. It’s a place where they can make and improve a variety of items, including the powerful Adamant Hammer.

Defeat the Final Narag-Shazon Boss

Now that the Khuzdul Forge is open, players face their hardest task yet: beating Narag-Shazon. This boss marks the end of your Moria journey. You’ll need both skill and smarts to win.

Narag-Shazon is incredibly strong and attacks without mercy. To win, you must have the best gear. Luckily, the Khuzdul Forge helps you make powerful weapons and armor. They will help you a lot.

The Khuzdul Forge lets you craft gear that makes you stronger against Narag-Shazon. Make weapons that deal more damage and armor that defends better. They’ll push you over the top in battle.

Before the final fight, make a plan. Learn how Narag-Shazon moves and what makes it weak. Then, use your crafted gear to hit hard and stay safe.

Be ready for a big challenge against Narag-Shazon. Winning against this boss is the key to move forward in the game. It unlocks more adventures and keeps the mystery going.

Talk to Aric, Raven of Erebor

Now that Narag-Shazon is defeated, it’s time for the next important step. Head towards the arena’s nearby passage. There, you will meet Aric, the Raven of Erebor. He has the information you need for the powerful Adamant Hammer.

Have a deep talk with Aric. He knows a lot and can help you greatly on your journey. Aric is key in moving your story forward. He will help you learn how to make the Adamant Hammer.

Aric is deeply linked to the dwarves in the game. He plays a crucial part in your story’s success. With his help, you can learn to make the Adamant Hammer. This powerful tool will help you face tough challenges.

Gather the Necessary Materials

In Return to Moria, to craft the Adamant Hammer, players must find some key materials. These materials are crucial for making this mighty weapon. Before you start crafting, make sure you have everything you need in your bag.

Required Materials:

  • 15 Adamant
  • 4 Ironwood
  • 2 Fine Leather

You can get these materials in different ways. You might find them after defeating enemies. Also, you can get them by completing quests and missions. Always be on the lookout for these items and keep them with you.

With all materials collected, you’re ready to craft the Adamant Hammer. This weapon will help you overcome tough challenges in the game. Make sure you’re prepared for epic battles with this powerful tool.

Craft the Adamant Hammer

All the needed materials have been gathered. Now, players can start crafting the powerful Adamant Hammer. This weapon is key to becoming a master in Return to Moria.

Players will use the famous Khuzdul Forge for this task. They must combine the exact materials following a special recipe. Then, they’re on their way to success. The recipe involves using:

Materials Quantity
Adamant 15
Ironwood 4
Fine Leather 2

After organizing the materials and learning the recipe, players can start. The process includes using 15 Adamant, 4 Ironwood, and 2 Fine Leather. This needs to be done in the Khuzdul Forge. It’s here that the Adamant Hammer, a very powerful weapon, will be crafted.

The Adamant Hammer is not just powerful. It’s also beautifully made. It shows the player’s strength and skill. With it, they can take on the tough challenges waiting in Return to Moria.

Now, with the Adamant Hammer, players can prove their crafting skills. They can use this mighty weapon to win over obstacles. This makes the game more exciting as they journey through Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

Progress in the Story

After making the Adamant Hammer, players can move on in the Return to Moria story. They will find new uses for their weapon. It will help them overcome tough challenges and exciting encounters.

Players will soon face a task to fix a bridge. This bridge is important, lets players move between areas, and connects different parts of the story. Fixing the bridge opens up new places to explore.

Next, they must break down a wall blocking their way. This wall holds secrets and important clues. By destroying it, players find hidden paths and treasures.

As challenges are met, the story becomes more engaging. The game rewards players with a stunning final scene. This scene marks the end of the story in a memorable way.

Experience the Epic Story Unfold

Return to Moria is inspired by the Lord of the Rings. It offers an epic gaming adventure. Players will face danger and mystery, testing their bravery and intelligence.

Key Highlights Benefits
Engaging storyline Immerse yourself in an epic tale of heroism and sacrifice as you uncover the mysteries of Moria.
Challenging tasks and objectives Test your skills and determination as you face exciting challenges and overcome formidable obstacles.
Strategic gameplay Craft powerful equipment, devise cunning strategies, and make critical decisions to progress in the game.
Stunning visuals and cinematic moments Experience breathtaking graphics and captivating cut scenes that bring the world of Moria to life.
Uncover secrets and lore Delve deep into the history and mythology of the Lord of the Rings universe as you explore hidden areas and discover ancient artifacts.

Cross the Bridge and Meet Gimli

Players will reach a point where they must cross a magnificent bridge to meet Gimli. This bridge is more than just a path. It’s a symbol of your journey toward a major goal: finishing the Adamant Hammer.

Walking across the bridge shows your skills and determination in the game. Each step’s sound reminds you why you’re on this adventure.

On the other side, Gimli, the strong dwarf from Lord of the Rings, awaits. His presence links the game to a world fans adore. Meeting him is thrilling and leads to partnerships that can change your story’s direction.

Meeting Gimli is a chance to gain wisdom and aid. Together, you’ll find secrets and understand the Adamant Hammer. This meeting shows how far you’ve come in the game’s story.

The bridge is there for you to cross, with Gimli waiting. It’s a big moment that will shape your gaming memories.

Advantages Disadvantages
– Signifies an important milestone in the game – Requires overcoming challenges along the way
– Provides an opportunity for collaboration with Gimli – May require strategic planning for a successful crossing
– Connects the game to the beloved Lord of the Rings universe – Calls for careful attention to storyline progression

Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria Availability

If you’re excited to start an epic journey through Middle-earth and get the Adamant Hammer in Return to Moria, you’ll be happy. The game is available on various platforms. This means you can play on your PC, Xbox Series X|S, or PlayStation 5.

With Return to Moria available on different platforms, it’s easy for everyone to play. You can choose if you like playing on consoles or on a PC. Either way, you can join the adventure of crafting a legendary weapon.

Here’s a quick look at where you can play Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria:

Platform Availability
PC Available
Xbox Series X|S Available
PlayStation 5 Available

Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is easy to pick up on these platforms. You’ll dive into Middle-earth’s beautiful but dangerous world. And you’ll start the journey to obtain the Adamant Hammer. Get ready for exciting challenges and to uncover thrilling secrets.


Getting the Adamant Hammer in Return to Moria is key for moving ahead. It helps you craft better and shows you’re skilled at the game. Just follow the steps in this guide to grab your hammer and keep the adventure going in Moria.

To make the Adamant Hammer, you’ll need to unlock the Khuzdul Forge first. Then beat the tough Narag-Shazon and find all the materials. Making this hammer is a big win and it helps a lot in fights.

As the story goes on, you’ll do different things like repair bridges and break walls. This reveals more of the story and the final cut scene. Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is a great game on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. It lets you dive into Middle-earth’s world of adventure.

So, get your Adamant Hammer and face what comes next in Moria. Strengthen your crafting and make a name for yourself in this fantasy realm. Best of luck on your crafting journey full of wins and fun!

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