Lancer Tactics Release Date


Lancer Tactics video game is set to release in 2025. Lancer Tactics is a game that originated as a personal project for learning Godot and exploring the Lancer system and universe. It has evolved into a full-fledged game where players can engage in tactical gameplay.

The HTML5 build mentioned is outdated, with a bug related to the Goblin’s tech attack, but updated downloadable versions are available. The game involves selecting, moving, and shooting with click/space commands, while right-clicking allows players to deselect or undo movements. Camera movement is controlled by WASD or touchpad scroll.

Play demo of Lancer Tactics here:

The project can be followed on various platforms, and the game includes assets credited to different contributors. Lancer Tactics is not an official Lancer product but is published under the Lancer Third Party License and is not affiliated with Massif Press, the copyright holder of Lancer.

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