Men of War II Beginner’s Guide


Men of War II is a sequel to the original Men of War (2009), created by the original creators of the franchise – Ukrainian developer Best Way.

The game features a deeply connected tactical layer, including “Direct Control,” allowing players to control a single unit for purposes such as stealth, sabotage, logistics, or precision. Additionally, players can operate on a strategic level by commanding large armies with almost 400 units across three factions: USA, Germany, and the Soviet Union. Players can quickly intervene in any part of the frontline, addressing ammunition shortages, leading engineers to fortify defenses, or leading tanks against enemy forces.

Men of War II offers both PvP matchmaking for its three main multiplayer modes and a variety of lobby settings and new multiplayer modes, such as Tanks Only and Incursion. The single-player (SP) mode includes classic mission campaigns and new dynamic ones like Conquest and Raid.

Key Features

  • Tactical Control: Command a single unit for precision operations.
  • Strategic Command: Manage large armies with almost 400 units.
  • Flexible Gameplay: Adapt to frontline situations quickly.
  • Multiplayer Modes: PvP matchmaking, lobby settings, and new modes.
  • Single-Player Campaigns: Classic and dynamic mission campaigns.
  • Co-op Mode: Play any SP campaign or mission with up to 5 players.

Realism and Lobby Settings

Men of War II features a variety of single-player campaigns and multiplayer modes, including specific lobby-bound modes like Tanks Only and asymmetric modes such as Incursion. Players can customize their multiplayer experience with numerous settings available in the lobby. Custom lobbies can also be used to play multiplayer content as single-player with AI bots.

The game can be played in either Competitive (Standard) or Realism mode, which fundamentally changes the experience by removing UI elements, limiting cannon ranges, and restricting ammunition.

Mode Activation

  1. Global: Activate for all modes (SP and MP) in Options → Packages → Realism Mode.
  2. Lobby Match: Activate for the lobby match only in Game Settings → Competitive/Realism.

First Steps

For newcomers to the series, it is highly recommended to complete the tutorials, which teach the basics of combat, setup, and unit use, as well as the importance of mechanics like Direct Control.


Men of War II offers both standard mission-focused single-player campaigns and new dynamic experiences in skirmish-like Raid and the large Conquest campaign.

Types of Campaigns

  • Story Campaigns: Focus on narratives from specific frontlines, such as Operation Barbarossa from the Soviet perspective.
  • Historical Campaigns: Map various operations within a specified theater, like Operation Overlord or Operation Bagration.
  • Dynamic Campaigns: Use the new battalion system for varied experiences based on unit compositions.


Conquest is a dynamic campaign mode where players move battalions on a strategic map and engage in positional encounters. Players must manage their moves, defend strategic points, and unlock new battalions through performance.


Raid mode generates a series of 16 maps/missions for the player to complete at any difficulty. It features various modes and tests the player’s adaptability.


Men of War II offers three main multiplayer modes: Battalions, Combined Arms, and Classic. Players can customize their experience through lobby settings.

Multiplayer Modes

  • Battalions PvP: 4v4 to 5v5 in matchmaking (1v1 to 5v5 in lobby). Focuses on coordinated team play.
  • Combined Arms PvP: 1v1 to 3v3 in matchmaking and lobby. Suited for solo PvP with a strategic focus.
  • Classic PvP: 1v1 to 3v3 in matchmaking (up to 5v5 in lobby). Emphasizes longer, more complex matches.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Use Smoke: Smoke decreases gun accuracy significantly.
  2. Weapon Range: Match weapon types to appropriate ranges.
  3. Medics: Use medics to retrieve and reserve infantry.
  4. Building Defense: Infantry in buildings slow down the enemy.
  5. Logistics: Manage CP and logistic timers carefully.
  6. Stealth: Use bushes and prone positions for stealth.
  7. Infantry Tactics: Use scouts and cover fire effectively.
  8. Retreat: Retreat damaged units to reserves.

Preparing the Battalion

  • Unit Groups: AI-marked units cannot be split; others can.
  • Medic and Engineer Placement: Place medics and engineers in the third echelon for availability.
  • Anti-Tank Weapons: Include bazookas or Panzerfausts for infantry regiments.
  • Light Tanks and Artillery: Use them to capture territory.


  1. E: Toggle Direct Control.
  2. Shift + Q: Change perspectives in Direct Control.
  3. X: Quick inventory comparison and re-equipping.
  4. Shift + 1 to 9: Assign units to shortcuts.
  5. Right-Click Map: Give movement orders.
  6. Double F: Retreat unit.
  7. Q: Change ammo/shell type.
  8. Space (infantry selected): Lay down for lower hit chance.


Co-op is integral to Men of War II. Any map, mission, or campaign can be played in co-op mode with friends, identified by player IDs and led by a designated leader.

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