Rascal Rogue Mutation In Grounded


Think you’re a stealth expert in Grounded? Not so fast. There’s a secret weapon ready to up your sneak game. Meet the Rascal Rogue Mutation. It’s here to make surviving in the backyard easier.

But what is the Rascal Rogue Mutation exactly? And how does it boost your chances to stay alive in this tiny, dangerous place? Get ready to discover its hidden powers.

The Rascal Rogue Mutation changes how you sneak in Grounded. It adds special bonuses for different melee weapons. So, if you love swords, hammers, or bows, this mutation is for you.

Want to learn more about how this mutation can help you survive and game smarter? We’ll share what makes it so effective as we explain the details.

Ready to improve your stealth and survival skills in Grounded? The Rascal Rogue Mutation is your friend. Let’s see what it can do for you.

Lil Fist Mutation

The Lil Fist Mutation is great for players who love fighting without weapons. It boosts the damage from your fists, turning them into strong tools against the bugs and creatures in the backyard.

Players get the Lil Fist Mutation by showing how good they are at fighting with just their fists. They need to beat creatures this way. For each kill, the mutation gets better, helping the player fight even more. It has three phases, each one adding new bonuses.

The Lil Fist Mutation evolves in the following way:

  1. Phase 1: Enhanced Strikes (Unarmed Damage Increase) – Once players beat enough creatures with only their fists, their attacks get stronger.
  2. Phase 2: Precision Strikes (Double Hit Mastery) – In the second phase, players learn to hit twice with one punch. This makes them better in a fight.
  3. Phase 3: Devastating Blows (Increased Damage Percentage) – The last phase makes their attacks even more powerful. They can now deal heavy blows to enemies.

Unleash the Power of Fists

The Lil Fist Mutation changes players into strong melee fighters. Now, fighting up close is more exciting and challenging. Unarmed combat becomes much more effective with this mutation.

With the Lil Fist Mutation, players don’t need a weapon to take on the backyard’s dangers. Every punch is stronger with this boost. It lets players face the biggest challenges and win.

Chopper Mutation

The Chopper Mutation in Grounded is great for players who love using axes. It lowers a target’s ability to resist and removes the delay in stamina regeneration. This means you can hit harder and more often.

To get the Chopper Mutation, you have to take out bugs with an axe. As you kill more creatures, the mutation gets better. It goes through three stages, each needing more kills to move forward.

Phase Creature Kills Enhancements
Phase 1 10 Reduced resistance
Phase 2 20 Stamina regeneration delay removed
Phase 3 30 Increased damage and resistance reduction

The Chopper Mutation is really useful for axe users. Less resistance means your hits are smoother and more powerful. Plus, with no stamina delay, you can keep attacking without pausing.

In its final phase, the Chopper Mutation boosts damage and cuts resistance even more. This makes it a top pick for players who want to use axes to their full advantage.

Using the Chopper Mutation in Grounded lets you take over with your axe. Lower target resistance and no stamina delay help you become strong in the game. They let you hit hard and keep going without breaks.

Smasher Mutation

The Smasher Mutation is key in Grounded for more powerful hammer hits. It lets players deal big blows to foes, slowing their attacks and improving the stun. To get the Smasher Mutation, you must defeat creatures with your hammer. It has three phases, each bringing new bonuses and boosts.

Progressing through the Smasher Mutation makes your hammer hits stronger. This slows enemy attacks, giving you more time to strike and dodge. Also, you can stun enemies longer, making them easy targets for a second strike.

If you’re good at using hammers, the Smasher Mutation can change the game for you. It allows you to dominate battles, even against big bugs. It turns you into a powerful warrior in the backyard fight.

Check the table below to see the Smasher Mutation’s benefits:

Phase Hammer Kills Required Attack Speed Slow Stun Bonus
Phase 1 10 +5% +10%
Phase 2 25 +10% +20%
Phase 3 50 +15% +30%

Reaching the Smasher Mutation’s final phase significantly boosts your hammer’s power. This helps you beat tough enemies and challenges. Start your journey to get the Smasher Mutation today, and maximize your hammer’s impact in Grounded.

Javelineer Mutation

The Javelineer Mutation in Grounded makes spear fights more powerful. Players get a big edge in battle. By using a spear to kill creatures, players move through three phases. This unlocks bonuses and new skills.

One key perk of the Javelineer Mutation is the big damage boost for spear strikes. Especially on charged strikes. This lets players easily take down tough foes.

The Javelineer Mutation also lets players bounce back some damage when they block with their spear. This shield skill adds extra defense. It also hits back at enemies, using their force against them.

This mutation is ideal for those who like to play aggressively. It boosts spear users to rule the battlefield. They strike fear in enemies’ hearts with these extra powers.

Let’s look at a table that shows how the Javelineer Mutation progresses and what players earn at each stage:

Phase Requirements Benefits
Phase 1 Kill 10 creatures with a spear Damage boost on charged attacks
Phase 2 Kill 25 creatures with a spear Reflected damage when countering enemy attacks
Phase 3 Kill 50 creatures with a spear Enhanced damage boost on charged attacks

The Javelineer Mutation makes players spear experts, turning them into tough opponents in Grounded’s small worlds. It’s thrilling, whether players charge head-on, defeat foes with mighty strikes, or cleverly block attacks. The mutation offers a fun and powerful way to play.

Assassin Mutation

The Assassin Mutation in Grounded gives players who love dagger fights a big advantage. It unlocks new powerful skills. They make the player very strong in fights, letting them cause a lot of damage.

With the Assassin Mutation, players can make their enemies bleed a lot. The quiet dagger attacks mean enemies won’t see it coming. This slowly hurts enemies, making them weak.

The Assassin Mutation also makes it easier to hurt enemies with bleed damage. Even if enemies are good at resisting, they will still be hurt badly by the dagger’s bleed.

Obtaining the Assassin Mutation

Players get the Assassin Mutation by killing with a dagger in the game. They must kill more and more creatures as they go through its three phases. This way, they unlock the full power of this skill.

The Assassin Mutation goes through different phases:

  1. Phase 1: Players need to kill a certain number of creatures to move on to the next phase.
  2. Phase 2: They keep using the dagger to open up the next phase.
  3. Phase 3: Once they finish the third phase, they’ve really mastered this skill.

As they advance through the phases, their dagger becomes more deadly and effective. This guarantees a quick end to any enemy they face.

Here’s a table that shows the progress of the Assassin Mutation:

Phase Number of Creature Kills with Dagger
Phase 1 25
Phase 2 50
Phase 3 100

The Assassin Mutation lets players act like real assassins. It causes fear in everyone they meet. Whether they are sneaking through enemy places or in a tough fight, this skill helps with stealthy, powerful dagger moves. This truly turns the battle in their favor.

Sharpshooter Mutation

The Sharpshooter Mutation in Grounded changes the game. It’s perfect for those who love using bows and crossbows. You get to make your shots deadlier and use special arrows without worrying about using too much stamina. This adds a cool level of strategy to how you fight.

To get this mutation, you must show off your shooting skills. Take out creatures with a bow or crossbow to earn it. As you get better, your weapons will hit harder.

Phase Required Creature Kills
Phase 1 10
Phase 2 20
Phase 3 30

By the final phase of the Sharpshooter Mutation, you’ll be a true expert. Your bow and crossbow skills will be top-notch. You’ll hit your targets with amazing accuracy.

This mutation makes it easier to shoot a lot without getting tired. Plus, you can make different types of arrows for various situations. Use explosives to hit a wide area or poisons to wear down your enemies. The Sharpshooter Mutation helps you handle any fight.

Get really good with the bow and dominate the yard with the Sharpshooter Mutation in Grounded!

Barbarian Mutation

The Barbarian Mutation makes club attacks in Grounded much more powerful. Players can deal out huge hits on enemies. With this mutation, they also get a rage mode. This mode boosts their damage and helps them heal during fights.

Getting the Barbarian Mutation means you have to defeat creatures with a club. You’ll have to kill a certain number of creatures at each of the mutation’s three phases. This way, players can use all the mutation’s power as they work through each phase.

Unleash the Power of Rage Mode

Rage mode is a big plus of the Barbarian Mutation. In this mode, club attacks are stronger. Players can do more damage. This can really help in tough battles, giving players the upper hand.

Health Regeneration for Prolonged Durability

The health regeneration of the Barbarian Mutation is very handy. It means players heal as they fight, taking longer to defeat. They don’t need to heal as often. This helps use up less healing items.

The Barbarian Mutation really boosts your game in Grounded. With better club attacks, a rage mode, and healing as you fight, it’s a win-win. Act like a barbarian and beat your enemies with this cool mutation!

Blademaster Mutation

The Blademaster Mutation is a strong ability in Grounded. It makes the player’s sword attacks much better. This helps in fights by letting players hit hard and stay safe from attacks.

Enhanced Sword Attacks

The Blademaster Mutation makes using a sword in Grounded more powerful. Players do more damage with each hit. It lets them take on strong enemies and win tough battles.

Removal of Exhaustion Timer

This mutation takes away the tiredness that comes with using swords a lot. Usually, after using a sword a bunch, you get tired and deal less damage. But with Blademaster, you can keep fighting fast without getting tired, taking enemies down quicker.

Reduced Damage Taken

Blademaster also helps you take less damage from your enemies if you’re using a sword. This makes you tougher in fights. It means you can fight longer and win against really tough enemies.

To get the Blademaster Mutation, you need to defeat creatures with a sword. There are three phases to unlock. Each phase requires you to kill a specific number of creatures. The more phases you complete, the stronger the mutation becomes.

The Blademaster Mutation is key to being great with a sword in Grounded. It improves your sword attacks, takes away tiredness, and makes you tougher. With these benefits, you’ll be a top fighter in the game. Unlock Blademaster, and show the insects who’s boss!

Whittle Wizard Mutation

The Whittle Wizard Mutation is great for players who love using staffs in Grounded. It makes performing staff attacks cost less stamina. Also, each staff type can cause special effects on enemies.

To get this mutation, you need to hit creatures with a candy staff. It upgrades through three phases. You have to kill more creatures for each new phase to unlock.

Thanks to the mutation, using a staff in fights drains your stamina slower. This means you can fight longer before needing a break. It’s a big help, especially when a staff is your main weapon.

Along with saving stamina, this mutation makes enemies feel different effects depending on the staff you use. This helps you attack smarter in various situations.

Phase Stamina Cost Reduction Status Effect
Phase 1 -10% Bewilderment: Chance to confuse the target, causing them to attack other enemies.
Phase 2 -20% Enfeeblement: Decreased damage output and movement speed for the target.
Phase 3 -30% Entanglement: Slows down the target significantly, making it vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Combining less stamina use with unique effects makes the Whittle Wizard Mutation very powerful. It’s great for fighting tough enemies or swarms of bugs. With this, staff users in Grounded have a big edge in combat.

Parry Master Mutation

The Parry Master Mutation in Grounded is hard to get but very useful. It makes players better at blocking attacks. It also gives back some of the stamina used when blocking. To get it, players must block attacks perfectly.

When you block perfectly with this mutation, you don’t take damage. This is very important in the dangerous world of Grounded. You can use this to attack your enemies back sooner. This makes fighting easier and more efficient.

To get better at perfect blocks, players need to keep practicing. You have to block many attacks just right. With each level of mastery, you get better at defending yourself. You also learn to manage your stamina better.

Mastery Bonuses of the Parry Master Mutation

The Parry Master Mutation does more than just give stamina back. It also makes your blocks stronger and helps you fight back better.

  • Phase 1: You get more stamina back when you block perfectly.
  • Phase 2: Blocks are more stable, which helps you block enemies and then attack them better.
  • Phase 3: Blocks get even better, and you can make enemies stagger when you block perfectly.

With the Parry Master Mutation, players can defend themselves really well. Perfect blocks save your health and let you attack enemies better. It’s not easy to use, but it’s very powerful. Players can become the masters of defense in Grounded with it.

Phase Perfect Blocks Required Additional Bonuses
Phase 1 10 Increased stamina refund on perfect blocks
Phase 2 25 Improved block stability, allowing for more controlled counterattacks
Phase 3 50 Enhanced precision and timing, special ability to stagger enemies on successful blocks

Grass Master, Rock Cracker, Hauling Hero, Coup de Grass Mutations

Master the Grass Master, Rock Cracker, Hauling Hero, and Coup de Grass Mutations in Grounded. These skills boost how well you cut, break, carry, and critical hit, upping your game.

The Grass Master Mutation lets you move easily through tall grass. This reduces the chance of bugs spotting you. With better agility and stealth, beat your foes and feel sure in the wild. Learn to move quiet like a breeze in the grass.

The Rock Cracker Mutation makes you a wrecking ball for barriers. You’ll break rocks and walls like they’re nothing. Open new paths and find hidden treasures. Be the one to smash through any blockade.

Increase how much you carry with the Hauling Hero Mutation. No more small loads, just one big haul. You’ll gather more, hoard more, and build more. Turn into the champion of carrying stuff.

The Coup de Grass Mutation ramps up your critical hits. Hit your foes where it hurts most, leaving them open to defeat. Skill in these critical hits will make you the demise of any enemy.

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