Sons Of The Forest New Cave Location


Ever thought about what’s under the surface in Sons of the Forest? Imagine the secrets hidden deep in the game. Get ready for a thrilling new discovery – a new cave location. It’s in Sons of the Forest and it’s full of wonders and surprises.

How to find the new cave in Sons of the Forest?

Excited to explore the new cave in Sons of the Forest? It’s in the northeastern section of the map. Just to the right of the snowy mountain. Look for two small lakes with a river between them. The cave entrance is in the left lake. You can spot it by a hole with a rope.

Wandering left inside the cave first is a good idea. You will find an Artifact and the Enchanting Table recipe. These will be very helpful later in the game.

If you’re looking for more than knowledge and magic, don’t worry. Taking the right path will lead you to a mining pickaxe. You will also find solafite, a valuable resource in the game, while exploring this direction.

Points to remember:

  • Head to the northeastern section of the game map, right of the snowy mountain.
  • Locate two small lakes connected by a thin river.
  • Enter the cave through the hole in the left lake.
  • Follow the left path to find the Artifact piece and the Enchanting Table recipe.
  • Explore the right path for the mining pickaxe and a valuable chunk of solafite.

Now you know how to discover the new cave in Sons of the Forest. Get ready, grab your tools, and dive into this exciting journey!

Benefits of Exploring the New Cave in Sons of the Forest
Discover hidden treasures: The cave holds valuable items such as the mining pickaxe, Artifact piece, Enchanting Table recipe, and solafite.
Enhance your gameplay: Acquiring these items will equip you with powerful tools and resources to overcome challenges in the game.
Unravel the secrets: The new cave adds depth to the game’s storyline, providing exciting lore and mysteries to uncover.
Test your survival skills: Navigating the cave, swimming in certain areas, and encountering new challenges will put your survival abilities to the test.
Expand your game knowledge: By exploring the cave and finding hidden items, you’ll become more familiar with the game’s mechanics and world.

What items are available in the new cave?

The new cave in Sons of the Forest has many treasures. Players will need a rebreather and oxygen tanks. With these, they can safely explore and find valuable items.

Here’s what adventurers can discover:

Mining Pickaxe

In the depths, a huge piece of solafite hides the mining pickaxe. This pickaxe is perfect for digging up important materials. It helps players survive and fight off dangers.

Artifact Piece

There are parts of an old artifact scattered around. Each piece tells a bit of the cave’s story. Gathering all pieces reveals its mysterious past.

Recipe for the Enchanting Table

Hidden in a chamber is the Enchanting Table’s recipe. It allows players to add magic to their gear. With it, their equipment becomes stronger against foes.

The new cave is not easy to explore. But, brave adventurers can find rare items by diving deep. They must be ready for underwater challenges. Seeking treasures is worth the risk.

How to navigate the new cave in Sons of the Forest?

Exploring the new cave in Sons of the Forest is exciting. But, having a good plan is key. By following these tips, players can explore the cave well.

1. Find the Entrance

The first task is finding the cave entrance. It’s in the northeast part of the map, right of the snowy mountain. Look for two lakes joined by a river on your map.

In the left lake, you’ll see an opening with a rope. This is your way in.

2. Walk Along the Stream

Inside, follow the stream until you see a grand waterfall. Don’t jump down. Instead, find a path to the right. It leads down safely.

3. Reach the Crossroads

Deeper in the cave, you’ll find a crossroads. You must choose. The left path has an important Artifact and Enchanting Table recipe.

These will be very helpful. Or, go right for more exploration.

4. Retrieve Key Items

On the left path, get the Artifact and recipe first. Once you go right, you can’t go back. So, pick these up early.

5. Plan Your Return

Plan your cave exploration carefully. After a certain point, you can’t go back. Make sure you have needed items like oxygen.

Try to collect items and resources as you go. But, always know how to get out.

Use these tips to explore the new cave in Sons of the Forest with confidence. Uncover the secrets waiting inside.

What is the point of no return in the new cave?

The new cave in Sons of the Forest brings players to a vital point. To move onward, they need to find two key things. These are the Artifact piece and the Enchanting Table blueprint, found on the left. Once the right path is taken, going back isn’t an option. This choice is the “point of no return,” telling players to choose wisely and get everything they need.

Walking the right path before getting the Artifact and recipe? That’s missing out on needed gear. So, think hard about these items’ value. Gather them first to be ready for the challenges waiting down the left path.

Pass the no-return point, and the deep cave exploration begins. It’s critical to decide right and pick up all these essential items. This boosts your chances of winning in Sons of the Forest.

What can be found after the point of no return in the new cave?

Players in Sons of the Forest face a turning point when they pass the no return mark in the new cave. This marks the start of an adventure packed with hidden wonders and valuable treasures. They will dive into thrilling underwater quests and make surprising discoveries as they go.

Exploring the Underwater Lake

After a slide down a rocky path, players enter a vast underwater lake. Here, they can pick up extra oxygen tanks and supplies to help them on their journey.

With their air now safe, players continue deeper into the underwater world. Soon, they’ll reach a fork where they must choose their next move.

The Left Path: A Story of Exploration

Taking the left path leads to a standout find. Players will find a diver’s body with an oxygen tank. This tank becomes a lifeline in these dangerous waters.

The Right Path: Continuing the Adventure

The right path leads to a broken wooden barrier. This barrier marks the beginning of a new section in the underwater caves.

As they move forward, they will discover the much-desired mining pickaxe in solafite. This pickaxe and the rare stone it’s trapped in are a significant find in the game.

Items Found After the Point of No Return

Path Discoveries
Left Corpse of a scuba diver and an oxygen tank
Right Mining pickaxe buried in solafite

Finding the mining pickaxe marks a major milestone for players. With this tool in hand, they’ve conquered the underwater challenges. They are now well-equipped to tackle more adventures in Sons of the Forest, finding excitement and success.

How to exit the new cave in Sons of the Forest?

To exit safely, follow these steps in Sons of the Forest:

  1. Keep walking until you see a rope leading up.
  2. Climb the rope then keep moving till you fall into water.
  3. Take things you might need from nearby boxes.
  4. Keep moving until you see the next rope.
  5. Climb up that rope and go through a crack in the wall.
  6. Then, you’ll safely reach the cave’s exit with your treasures.

Leaving the cave needs you to be careful and detail-oriented. With these steps, you’ll safely return to the Sons of the Forest’s surface. Wish you a great adventure!

Other notable locations in Sons of the Forest.

Besides the new cave, there are many other cool spots in Sons of the Forest. These places bring their own challenges, stories, and treasures. If you love adventure, you’ll find a lot to do in this amazing game world.

Cave Locations

In the game, you can explore a number of caves. Each one is filled with its own mysteries and hazards. Places like the Rebreather Cave, Rope Gun Cave, Shovel Cave, and Hell Caves await.

You’ll face different tests and find various rewards in each of these caves. Stay alert as you explore the unknown.

Bunker Complexes

You’ll stumble upon bunker complexes as you roam the map. They can be safe havens and hold useful items. Keep an eye out for the Printer/Entertainment Bunker, Food and Dining Bunker, and the Luxury Bunker.

By searching these bunkers, you might score some great loot. Plus, it could help you piece together the lore of the game.

Other Points of Interest

There’s more than just caves and bunkers in this game. You might find the Helicopter Crash Site, quest spots, scattered graves, survivor camps, and beached kayaks. Each spot is a chance for new resources, items, and stories.

Exploring these places can be risky but rewarding. Tackle the challenges of Sons of the Forest head-on. Discover secrets and solve the game’s mysteries. It’s all part of the exciting journey.


The new cave in Sons of the Forest invites players on an exciting journey. It’s filled with secrets and valuable finds. By following the path and equipping must-have items, like a rebreather, the cave can be safely explored. This leads to discovering treasures such as a mining pickaxe, an Enchanting Table recipe, and solafite. This new cave adds thrills for fans of horror-survival games.

In addition to the new cave, Sons of the Forest has many other interesting spots. There are caves like the Rebreather Cave and the Rope Gun Cave. Bunkers include the Printer/Entertainment Bunker and the Food and Dining Bunker. You can also visit the Helicopter Crash Site and quest locations. Each place offers something special and adds to the game’s story.

Start your journey in Sons of the Forest now. The game is full of thrilling challenges in its new cave. With many interesting places to explore, it promises a memorable experience for players who love horror and survival. Equip yourself, be ready for anything, and explore the new cave to find its hidden mysteries.

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