The Last Campfire normal vs explore mode?


Explore Mode is a game mode introduced in a patch for The Last Campfire. It was designed to allow players to experience the game with a greater focus on exploration and storytelling, minimizing some of the challenges that were present in the original release. The Last Campfire’s story is really amazing, so play it in Explore mode if you prefer that.

In Explore Mode, the difficulty of puzzles is reduced, allowing players to progress through the game more easily. This mode is intended for players who are primarily interested in the narrative and exploration aspects of the game rather than facing more challenging puzzles.

Normal vs Explore mode of The Last Campfire

Puzzle Difficulty:

  • Normal Mode: In the standard or normal mode, puzzles are more challenging, requiring players to figure out intricate solutions to progress.
  • Explore Mode: Puzzle difficulty is reduced in Explore Mode. This allows players to focus more on the narrative and exploration aspects of the game without getting stuck on challenging puzzles.

Focus on Exploration

  • Normal Mode: In the regular mode, the emphasis is on a balanced experience that includes both challenging puzzles and exploration.
  • Explore Mode: This mode is designed for players who are primarily interested in the story and exploration. It is tailored to provide a more casual and less frustrating experience, particularly for those who may find challenging puzzles to be a hindrance to their enjoyment.


  • Normal Mode: Offers a standard level of difficulty, suitable for players who enjoy a more traditional puzzle-solving experience.
  • Explore Mode: Provides a more accessible and forgiving experience, making it suitable for players who may not be as adept at solving complex puzzles.
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