The Universim Game Manual


1.1 Game Setup

This is the main menu. Here, you have multiple options to choose from, such as setting
adjustments to Twitch Integrations.
Click on the new game option to begin the story of your new nugget empire.
The first thing you’ll need to do is select your world size. At the beginning of the game, only the
default world size is available.
These are the two founding nuggets, Elu and Adahy. Customize them through this menu by
selecting their traits on the left side of the screen.
For the time being, the only selectable traits are Neutral, Arnold, and True Believer. The rest
require being unlocked through the progression of the game.
On the right side, customize the Mother Planet in terms of natural disasters, wild animal attacks,
and exile aggressions.
At the bottom left, there is input for a planet seed, which will guarantee a specific Mother Planet.
Leaving this option blank will randomize the planet.
On the bottom right, there is an option to play with tutorials. Select this option if you would like
useful information as you play.

1.2 Twitch Integration

This section contains a list of instructions and available commands for both Streamers and
Viewers to use as a guide. Please submit your feedback to twitch-suggestions , as we will
continue to add and improve features based on your requests and suggestions.
Available Chat Commands
Streamers have the ability to modify commands via the settings menu.


This will list all available commands that Viewers can use during a Livestream. Certain
commands require Viewers to have an Avatar Nugget in the game and will cost varying amounts
of Action Points. There’s a cooldown period between each use of a command.


This command will allow a Viewer to spawn an Avatar Nugget within the game world. There will
be a waitlist for all Viewers who wish to spawn a Nugget, which is tied to the in-game birth
system. If there is an Avatar Nugget on the waitlist, they will be born when a Nugget gives birth.
As you can see, this is a first-come-first-served system.
Additionally, Viewers can define the gender of their Nugget Avatar by adding a gender modifier
after the #CreateNugget command: e.g. #CreateNugget Female.


Typing #CheckBalance into the chat will allow a Viewer to check how many Action Points they


Avatar Nuggets will be able to form their own families. Typing #StartFamily in the chat will
instruct your Avatar Nugget to find a partner, form a family with them, and mate.


An Avatar Nugget will attempt to start a fire somewhere in the Streamer’s city. Streamers can
deal with these misbehaving Nuggets by sending police to arrest them (they can be released
later). Alternatively, this could be the perfect opportunity for Streamers to test those fancy new
grinder systems on Temples.


If Viewers no longer have the desire to be a part of the mess unfolding within the Streamer’s
city, they can quit the game “peacefully”. Peacefully, in this case, meaning with a large
explosion. Viewers can type a building name after #Explode to select which type of building their
Nugget will attempt to destroy. For example, #Explode Archive will cause the Viewer’s Nugget to
detonate themselves beside the Streamer’s Archive. Streamers have a limited time to react!


Your Nugget will try to steal from the Streamer’s resource stockpile. Avatar Nuggets will receive
additional Action Points after bold actions like this.


An Avatar Nugget will instantly complete the currently-active research item for the Streamer’s
civilization, effectively speeding up the development of their city. This is one way that Viewers
can assist Streamers, once they get tired of wreaking havoc.


Allows viewers to randomly fill 1 Well


Allows viewers to randomly fill 1 Reservoir

AttackNugget Nugget Name

Allows viewers to attack whichever Nugget they specified
1.3 Basic controls and UI
1.3.1 Camera Controls
WASD – move
Left click – interact
Right click (hold) – change camera angle
Scroll wheel – zoom in/out
1.3.2 Hot Keys
P – Pause Game
R – Opens the Research Tab
F – Fly to Event (when prompted)
Spacebar – Change camera angle
1.3.2 Game Speed
At the very top of the screen, you will see a handful of symbols. Click the icon with the two
sideways arrows to speed up or slow down the game. You can pause the game with the small
button above it or use the hotkey p to pause.
1.4 Placing Your Evolution Tower
Your Evolution Tower is essentially the base of where your Nuggets will be building their homes
and expanding in population and buildings. Figuring out exactly where to place this tower can
feel a bit challenging since the entire planet is at your fingertips.
Every civilization needs water, so you’ll want to place your tower close by to a lake where your
Nuggets can quench their thirst. Having a lot of trees and rocks nearby will also be useful as
these are the two main materials your Nuggets need when constructing new buildings and
Having room to expand is important as well, especially if it ends up taking some time
researching a bridge (Medieval Era), so you don’t want to cut off your expansion area too
quickly. Avoid areas with mountains closing off more than one side.
And speaking of mountains, it would be good to set up the tower with at least one mountain
closing off a side to avoid being constantly attacked by wolves. Mountains are great for iron
mining. You’ll also want a desert nearby to harvest oil and gas.
Once you’ve placed your Evolution Tower, your two starter Nuggets, Elu and Adhy will begin
setting up their new home and research on primitive tools will begin automatically.
2.0 God Powers
2.1 God Power Controls
Hold the scroll wheel to select a god power, then hold CTRL over the area you would like to
affect, and left click to use the power. Holding left click makes the power stronger at the cost of
more Creator Points.
2.2 Telekinesis
2.2.1 Description + Image
2.2.2 Controls how to use
Telekinesis cost 5 creator points to use. Hold down the CTRL key to continually pick things up,
though it will cost more points. To pick up one object, press the CTRL key and the left mouse
key and let go of CTRL. To put something down gently, zoom in with the mouse wheel, and to
throw something down, zoom out.
2.2.3 Ways to use it
Telekinesis can be used in a multitude of ways. Use it to pick up nuggets, objects, resources,
and more. Put out fires by picking up water from a nearby source, bring food over from other
parts of the world, and gather resources and drop them in construction zones. Pick up dead
Nuggets and bring them to their final resting place. Grab Nuggets and sacrifice them at the
Temple for more Creator Points (though it may make your followers unhappy).
2.3 Rejuvenate
2.3.1 Description + Image
2.3.2 Controls how to use
Rejuvenation costs 10 points to use. Access it from the creator power menu, and select the
Nugget you want to use it on. Press CTRL and the left mouse button to use it. Alternatively, click
on the Nugget you want to heal, and look for the creator power wheel on the right hand side.
Press the plus symbol for faster access.
2.3.3 Ways to use it
When Nuggets get injured or sick, with either the broken bone symbol or turn green with little
teardrop symbols, you can heal them instead of sending them to the hospital. You can also use
Rejuvenate on buildings that are close to breaking, especially if there is no Engineer building
close by (possible tip?). This Creator Power also works on Infected Zones, purifying the dead
Nugget in order to prevent infection to healthy Nuggets that cross that path.
2.4 Le Cupidon
2.4.1 Description + Image
2.4.2 Controls how to use
Le Cupidon costs 20 points to use. Access it from the creator power menu and select the
Nuggets you want to use it on. Press CTRL and the left mouse button to use it. Use the power
to connect two Nuggets together by clicking on the first nugget.Then you find a nugget
highlighted in pink or blue and click on that one and they will proceed to mate and make more
2.4.3 Ways to use it
Select the Nugget you want to use the creator power on, and look to the right side of their menu.
The power will be displayed as a heart. Select the icon, and a rainbow arch will appear from that
Nugget. Select another Nugget to connect them together via the rainbow arch. Use this power
to populate your civilization!
2.5 Season Change
Change the season with 40 Creator Points, then use additional Creator Points to select the new
season on the wheel.
2.5.1 Controls how to use
Depending on the season you want to change from the current one, the amount of Creator
Points required will vary.
2.5.3 Ways to use it
Change the season from Winter to Spring to save your frozen Nuggets.
2.6 Tornado
2.6.2 Controls how to use
150 points
2.6.3 Ways to use it
2.7 Protective Dome
2.7.1 Description + Image
15 points
2.7.2 Controls how to use
2.7.3 Ways to use it
Form a protective bubble to shield Nuggets away from the elements and other harmful entities,
such as wolf attacks. Make a bubble over an erupting volcano to shield the environment from
2.8 Trickle Effect
2.8.1 Description + Image
2.8.2 Controls + how to use
Using 40 points, hold down the CTRL key and click the left mouse button to make it rain
2.8.3 Ways to use it
Refill empty lakes, dilute pollution levels in water, fill up reservoirs, and put out fires
2.9 Fire
2.9.1 Description + Image
2.9.2 Controls + how to use
50 points
2.9.3 Ways to use it
Burn portions of Exile Villages by igniting trees near their buildings underneath the dome.
2.10 Jolt of Joy
2.10.1 Description + image
2.10.2 Controls + how to use it
30 points
2.10.3 Ways to use
If you’ve done something recently that your Nugget dislike, you can use Jolt of Joy to make
them happier about it
2.11 Kickstart
2.11.1 Description + image
2.11.2 Controls + how to use it
15 points
2.11.3 Ways to use
Power up Nuggets that have the low battery symbol above their heads.
2.12 Forestation
2.12.1 Description + image
2.12.2 Controls + how to use
1 point
2.12.3 Ways to use
Grow trees to make your planet more terrestrial
2.13 Meteor Strike
2.13.1 Description + image
300 points
2.13.2 Controls + how to use
2.13.3 Ways to use
Helpful against Exile Villages
2.14 Earthquake
2.14.1 Description + image
100 points
2.14.2 Controls +how to use
2.14.3 Ways to use
If you’re at war with an Exile Village, you can create an earthquake to damage their city beneath
the dome.
2.15 Holy Ground
2.15.1 Controls + how to use
15 points to cast
2.15.2 Ways to use
Encourage Nuggets to build their homes in a specific area
2.16 Electrify
2.16.2 Controls + how to use
25 Creator Points to cast
2.16.3 Ways to use
Use this power to electrify different objects. Charge batteries, shock Nuggets to death, take
down UFOs, and use it on Exile Villages should you see fit. Sometimes, striking buildings will
cause fires.
3.0 Buildings
There are many different types of buildings under specific tabs that will help your civilization.
Initially you will need to unlock them either through research or quests, but once unlocked, they
can be upgraded through additional research or through additional building materials.
Tip: Once a building is upgraded, new buildings of the same type will be built with that same
upgrade. Gone too far and need to revert? Open the research panel, and on the right side, you’ll
find a set of numbers you can click on in order to return to the previous build.
This is the construction panel with 8 categories of buildings: Epicenter, Resource Management,
Manufacturing, Defense, Recreation, Legendary, and Space. Buildings will be locked until you
fulfill the necessary requirements.
A building panel will look like this. It will have a description of what the building is, how much
electricity, water, and CO2 it requires. It will also show happiness and crime buffs as well as the
required materials on the right side, and the x on the upper left side.
Buildings require Engineers to keep them standing or eventually they will deteriorate and
Tip: Have a building that is already crumbling but don’t have an engineer available nearby? Use
the Rejuvenate Creator Power to bring that building back to life.
Some buildings also have ranges, or areas of effect, where their services extend to, and it will
be highlighted in green. It is helpful to check the range of important buildings when expanding
your city.
When placing a new building, a road or pathing will form beside it. You can rotate buildings with
Q and E, snap them to the roads, and drag them around until you find the perfect spot.
You can encourage faster build progression by either selecting the prioritize option, or manually
bringing resources to the site with Telekinesis.
3.1 Building Placement
When placing buildings, you may come across a couple of different icons. The fire icon means
there is no fire station nearby, while the broken house icon means that engineers are too far
You can rotate buildings by pressing Q and E. You can also choose how buildings will snap to
other things, such as roads, other buildings, or both with the 1, 2, and 3 keys.
Roads and pathing will automatically appear, though they do not prevent your building from
being placed on top, as the roads will accommodate and form around the new buildings.
3.2 Expansion
Eventually, you’ll need to start building further away from your Evolution Tower, and as you do,
there are a few important buildings to keep in mind. First, you’ll need more Engineer huts. Build
as many as you can as often as you can so your new buildings aren’t at a complete risk of
falling apart. Next, you’ll need cemeteries. This is because, as you expand, your Nuggets might
die further away from the first cemetery, and since these are ranged buildings, it’s entirely
possible for a Nugget to die and create an infection zone that will affect all of the other Nuggets
that are trampling past. Build more hospitals, especially just in case there is an infection zone, at
least your Nuggets might be able to heal themselves if you run out of Creator Points. You’ll also
want reservoirs and Eateries, so your Nuggets are able to eat and drink without having to
commute. Go ahead and put down some fire stations once you’ve unlocked them; as you
expand and progress further in the game, there will be a higher chance of exile villages starting
fires. Lastly, you’ll want your resource buildings and factories around the same area where
you’re expanding to keep your civilization going with upgrades and new buildings

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