Tools and Resources for Developing, Marketing, and Releasing Games


Having access to the right tools and resources is crucial for success of your PC video game. Whether you are an aspiring indie developer or part of a larger studio, the process of creating, marketing, and releasing games can be challenging. Fortunately, there are numerous tools and services available that can streamline various aspects of game development, help reach a wider audience, and improve overall efficiency. In this article, we will explore a comprehensive list of tools and resources that encompass different stages of game development, from conception to release.


One of the fundamental elements of marketing a game is the creation of an effective gaming press kit. A well-designed and informative press kit can significantly increase the chances of getting media coverage for your game. presskit() is a popular tool that simplifies the process of creating a comprehensive press kit. Developed in collaboration with members of the press and prominent game developers, presskit() offers an easy-to-use interface for developers to showcase their games to potential media outlets. By including key information such as game description, screenshots, videos, press releases, and contact details, presskit() ensures that the press has everything they need to cover your game accurately.


In addition to creating a press kit, it’s equally important to establish a network of press contacts and effectively distribute your game to them. This process can be time-consuming and challenging to manage manually. That’s where distribute() comes in. distribute() is a tool that enables developers to maintain and manage their press contact list efficiently. By organizing contacts and building distributions, developers can streamline the process of reaching out to the press and maintaining up-to-date contact information. This not only saves time but also increases the likelihood of getting press coverage for your game.

Monetization Form Generator

As game content creators increasingly rely on platforms like YouTube to showcase and monetize their gameplay footage, developers often need to provide written permission to allow such monetization. The Monetization Form Generator is a handy tool that generates a form adhering to all copyright rules, granting content creators permission to monetize game content. This simplifies the process of granting permission and ensures that both developers and content creators comply with the necessary regulations.

“Game Feel”

Creating an action-packed game that feels satisfying to play can be a challenging task. In his talk on Gamasutra, developers can gain insight into optimizing gameplay and creating a compelling experience. Through practical examples and a detailed explanation of the principles behind “game feel,” developers can enhance the responsiveness, visual effects, and overall polish of their games.

17 Lessons Learned

Running a successful game development studio requires both passion and business acumen. In their 60-minute talk, renowned developers at Vlambeer share 20 lessons they learned throughout their journey. Covering various aspects of game development, marketing, and studio management, this talk provides valuable insights for aspiring developers. From building a strong team to navigating the challenges of the industry, the lessons shared in this talk offer guidance to developers at all stages of their careers.


Pixelprospector is an invaluable resource for independent game developers. Designed as a repository of information, Pixelprospector offers an extensive collection of resources related to game engines, games press, game marketing, video content creators, and much more. Whether you need guidance on choosing the right game engine or want to explore effective marketing strategies, Pixelprospector provides a wealth of information that can help developers navigate the complex landscape of game development.

Online Game Development

Online Game Development is a Tumblr blog that curates a list of highly useful browser-based game development tools and services. From programming tools to art and audio assets, developers can find a wide range of resources that can be accessed directly from their browsers. This eliminates the need for complex installations or specialized software, making game development more accessible to developers of all backgrounds.


Promoter, developed by Pixelate, is a comprehensive tool for managing and tracking press mentions of your game. By integrating with presskit(), Promoter simplifies the process of monitoring your game’s visibility in the media. This tool allows developers to keep track of press coverage and assess the impact of their marketing efforts. With Promoter, developers can stay informed about their game’s reception and make data-driven decisions to improve their marketing strategies.


Gamespress is an industry-standard website that serves as a central hub for distributing press releases to the media. By utilizing Gamespress, developers can save time by efficiently reaching a large number of press contacts simultaneously. This platform streamlines the process of promoting games to the media, ensuring that key information is available to journalists and influencers who can help increase visibility and reach a broader audience.

Promoter Calendar

Promoter Calendar is a powerful tool that helps developers stay organized and on top of important deadlines and events within the gaming industry. By tracking submission deadlines for events, conferences, and awards, developers can plan their marketing activities effectively. Promoter Calendar ensures that developers don’t miss valuable opportunities to showcase their games and build industry connections.


For developers working on iOS games, Testflight is an essential tool for distributing and managing beta builds. This service simplifies the process of sharing builds with testers, allowing developers to gather valuable feedback and identify bugs before the official release. By streamlining the beta testing phase, Testflight facilitates a smoother development process and helps deliver a more polished final product to players.


Effective communication and collaboration are essential for any game development team. Slack is a popular team management service that provides a platform for persistent team chat and integration with various development-related services. With features like channels, direct messaging, and integrations with tools like Git, Bitbucket, Trello, and Dropbox, Slack ensures that team members can collaborate seamlessly. This centralizes communication, keeping the entire team informed and focused on the project’s goals.


Trello is an agile board manager that simplifies task management and organization for game development teams. Whether used for personal task tracking or team-wide project management, Trello offers a flexible and user-friendly interface. With features like lists, cards, labels, and due dates, developers can keep track of high-level goals and individual tasks, ensuring that deadlines are met and projects stay on track.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle provides developers with a platform to sell games directly to consumers. The Humble Widget allows for easy implementation of a sales system, supporting various payment methods and providing DRM-free copies of games to customers. This platform offers developers a way to reach a wide audience and generate revenue while maintaining control over pricing and distribution. is a popular sales platform for indie games, similar to Bandcamp for musicians. The platform offers developers the ability to create customizable game pages, host game jams, and sell their games directly to consumers. With built-in features like download keys, analytics, and easy payment processing, provides developers with a straightforward way to distribute and monetize their games.


Compohub is a valuable resource for game developers looking to participate in game jams or host their own. This platform keeps track of upcoming game jams, allowing developers to plan their projects and join existing events. Additionally, developers can host their game jams on Compohub, providing a space for the game development community to come together, collaborate, and showcase their creations.

Gameconfs is a comprehensive database of conferences and events within the game development industry. This platform allows developers to search and filter events based on factors such as country, date, and location. By keeping track of relevant conferences, developers can plan their schedules and ensure that they don’t miss out on essential networking and learning opportunities.


Email marketing is a powerful tool for reaching your target audience and building meaningful connections with potential players. Mailchimp is a popular email marketing platform that offers robust functionality while being intuitive and easy to use. With features like list management, customizable templates, and detailed analytics, Mailchimp helps developers deliver engaging newsletters and updates to their audience.

As your mailing list grows, sending high volumes of emails can become costly. offers an alternative solution at a fraction of the price. For a one-time payment and minimal additional costs, provides developers with an email list management solution that can handle large volumes of email delivery. By reducing expenses while maintaining similar functionality to Mailchimp, is an excellent option for developers looking to scale their email marketing efforts.

Game Accessibility Guidelines

Ensuring that your game is accessible to a wide variety of players is not only ethically important, but it also improves the overall experience for all users. The Game Accessibility Guidelines website offers clear, practical, and concise guidance on improving the legibility, accessibility, and playability of games. By adhering to these guidelines, developers can enhance the inclusivity of their games and make them enjoyable for players with various abilities.

Indie Boothcraft

For developers planning to showcase their games at events and conferences, Indie Boothcraft provides a comprehensive guide on how to plan and execute successful booth setups. From effective spending strategies to maximizing booth space, Indie Boothcraft covers various aspects of event showcasing. By following the tips and advice provided, developers can create an engaging and impactful presence at industry events.


For many developers, attending conferences and events may require traveling long distances. Hipmunk is a travel planning tool that can help find cheap flights, allowing developers to save money on travel expenses. With features like flight sorting by “agony” or price, Hipmunk enables developers to find the best deals without sacrificing their time or budget.

Two Factor Auth List

Security is a crucial aspect of game development, and protecting valuable information is essential. The Two Factor Auth List is a valuable resource for strengthening security measures, such as implementing two-step verification. This list provides information on services that offer two-factor authentication, helping developers safeguard their game source code, email communications, and social media accounts from potential breaches.


Twitter has become an essential platform for game developers to communicate about their games, industry news, and events. Many developers use Twitter to showcase their work, engage with fans, and connect with other professionals in the industry. With Twitter handles often featured on event badges and used by industry influencers, leveraging this platform can help developers build a strong online presence and increase their game’s visibility.


In the highly competitive world of game development, having access to the right tools and resources can make a significant difference in a project’s success. From streamlining the creation of press kits to managing press contacts, optimizing gameplay, and marketing strategies, the tools and resources mentioned in this article cover various aspects of game development, marketing, and release. By leveraging these tools and services, developers can enhance their efficiency, reach a wider audience, and increase the visibility and success of their games.

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