Where To Find Silverwing Eggs In Palia – Temple Of Gales


Are you ready for a thrilling adventure in Palia? Let’s search for the rare Silverwing eggs in the Temple of Gales. You’ll test your skills and see stunning views inside the temple. We’re about to discover its hidden secrets on our mission to find the Silverwing eggs.

How To Initiate The Silverwing Egg Hunt

First, players must finish two quests: “Echoes Of The Unknown” and “Look To The Sky”. These quests are a warm-up for the egg hunt. They give players all they need to start. So, after these are done, the real fun begins.

At the Temple of Gales, a character named Zeki waits. This temple sits in the Windy Ruins of Bahari Bay’s southeast. Zeki, along with Caleri and Elouisa, will help players find the Silverwing eggs. They share more quests and clues about the eggs.

Players will face challenges in the temple. For example, they must open the flow gates. Completing the “It Takes A Village” quests lets you get to the eggs. These quests check your skills and how well you work with others. It all adds to the excitement of the egg hunt.

Quest Requirements To Initiate The Silverwing Egg Hunt:

  • Complete the “Echoes Of The Unknown” quest
  • Complete the “Look To The Sky” quest

Silverwing Egg Locations

Are you ready to find Silverwing eggs in the Temple of Gales? These eggs are hard to find but are hidden throughout the temple. You’ll find the first 10 eggs in these spots:

Egg Location
1 Nest at the Great Altar
2 Gust Chamber
3 Hidden alcove behind the Waterfall Room
4 Top of the Windy Pillars
5 Suspended in the Sky Bridge
6 Perched on the Broken Bridge
7 Overlooking the Cloud Chamber
8 Nest at the Shrine of Whispers
9 Hidden in the Windswept Caves
10 Resting near the Edge of Eternity

Remember, the last 5 eggs are in more spots in the Temple of Gales. Explore everywhere, listen to Zeki, Caleri, and Elouisa’s hints. Enjoy the adventure as you find the Silverwings’ secrets.

How To Return The Silverwing Eggs

Once you’ve collected 10 Silverwing eggs at the Temple of Gales, you need to take them back. You can either glide or teleport to the main island where their nest is.

To glide back, use the air streams and wind gusts. Gliding offers an exciting way to travel. It lets you see stunning views while carrying the eggs. Use control and skill to smoothly reach the Temple of Gales nest.

Another option is to teleport. This saves time and effort. Teleport with the eggs directly to the nest. It’s a quick and safe way to return them.

At the nest, place the eggs gently one by one. Handle them like real eggs with care. This ensures they’re safely back where they belong.

After you’ve returned all the eggs, get a treasure chest with a rare fairy carp fish. This prize celebrates your successful egg hunt. It keeps you excited to explore more of Palia.

Speak with Zeki once the eggs are back. He gives more tasks, like catching flowbugs and cloudminnows. Completing these quests advances the story in the Temple of Gales.

Egg Location Description
1 In the ancient ruins, hidden behind a statue of a Wind Guardian.
2 At the top of the tallest tower, accessible by climbing the spiral staircase.
3 Inside a hidden alcove behind a waterfall.
4 Nestled among the branches of a massive tree near the edge of a cliff.
5 In the deepest chamber of the underground catacombs.
6 Perched on a narrow ledge overlooking a breathtaking view of the ocean.
7 Protected by a group of Wind Guardians in a hidden temple chamber.
8 Above the highest waterfall, reachable only by gliding.
9 Enveloped in the mist of the Cloud Garden, accessible by climbing a spiraling staircase.
10 Tucked away in the sacred chamber of the temple, surrounded by ancient artifacts.

Bonus Portion!

Players have a special chance to find 5 extra Silverwing Eggs in the Temple of the Gales in Palia. These eggs come with hard tasks and big rewards, adding more fun and adventure.

Here’s where you can discover these bonus eggs:

Egg Number Location
1 East Tower – Rooftop
2 South Ruins – Hidden Courtyard
3 Northwest Gardens – Suspended Bridge
4 Southeast Walkway – Wind Gust Passage
5 Central Courtyard – Stone Arch

These hidden eggs lead to a special chest. It’s full of priceless treasures for those who dare to explore and find all 5 eggs! So, be alert and ready for this exciting challenge.

Take on this exciting quest. Find the Silverwing Eggs to reveal the temple’s hidden secrets in Palia! Good luck on your adventure.

Palia Game

Palia is a free-to-play MMO adventure game made by Singularity 6. It takes you to a world with beautiful landscapes. You’ll meet a cozy community and enjoy exciting quests, discovering Palia’s secrets.

One thrilling adventure in Palia is the Temple of the Gales quest. You’ll hunt for Silverwing eggs. Explore the temple, solve puzzles, and find all 15 eggs. Can you do it?

Palia brings a rich story, engaging gameplay, and stunning sights. Talk to friendly characters, do fun activities, and make friends with others. With new updates always coming, Palia is a place full of magic and adventure waiting for you.

Experience the Magic of Palia

In Palia, fantasy becomes real. Join in on exploration, talk to others, and play in many ways. You can choose to look for hidden gems, grow your virtual garden, or join community events. There is something everyone will enjoy in Palia.

  • Create Your Dream Home: Personalize and decorate your home based on what you love.
  • Discover Unique Abilities: Learn magical powers and skills suited to how you play.
  • Embark on Epic Adventures: Participate in exciting quests that challenge you.
  • Forge Lasting Connections: Connect with a warmly welcoming community and make lasting friends.

Palia’s vast world means endless chances for adventure and growth. Start your journey today and join the millions already playing.

Tips and Tricks

Ready to find the elusive Silverwing eggs? Here’s how to start your journey:

1. Complete the Required Quests

It’s key to finish quests that guide you to the Temple of the Gales. Doing this helps you understand the story and get clues for finding the eggs.

2. Explore with the Glider

The Temple is huge, with many hidden spots. Use your glider to find these places. It helps you reach high or far places, giving you a hunting edge.

3. Pay Attention to Clues and Hints

Characters like Zeki, Caleri, and Elouisa will offer hints. Listen well to what they say. Their words hold the key to finding the eggs.

4. Harness Air Streams and Gusts of Wind

Wind in the Temple can help you reach new heights. Use it well to find hidden spots. But, be smart to not get blown off by the wind.

5. Watch Out for Traps and Gusts

Traps and strong gusts can be dangerous. Be careful while gliding. Keep an eye out to avoid trouble and to succeed in your hunt.

Stick to these tips and tricks to improve your egg-finding skills. Good luck on your adventure!

Additional Quests in Palia

Besides the Silverwing Egg Hunt, Palia has more quests waiting. These include finding Emberseeker Medallions and exploring the Vault of Waves. Each quest is a chance to uncover hidden treasures and begin new adventures in Palia.

Quest: Emberseeker Medallions

Set out to locate Emberseeker Medallions spread across Palia. These items are ancient and magical, sought by many for their power. You’ll travel through amazing places, tackle puzzles, and defeat challenges to claim these medallions.

Quest: Vault of Waves

Get ready for a memorable journey into the Vault of Waves. It’s an underwater world full of wonders and secrets. Dive in, search the ocean depths, and discover forgotten riches. Learn more about Palia’s past as you explore.

Quest Description Location
Emberseeker Medallions Search for powerful Emberseeker Medallions Various locations throughout Palia
Vault of Waves Explore the underwater realm and discover its mysteries The deep sea off the coast of Palia

Take on these quests for a taste of adventure in Palia. Whether you’re exploring ruins or deep seas, there’s much to find and enjoy. Dive into the world of Palia; become its hero.


The Silverwing Egg Hunt at Palia’s Temple of Gales is both thrilling and fulfilling. Players get into a world full of adventure and mystery. They explore the temple, find hidden places, and learn about the Silverwings.

Players will be looking for hidden Silverwing eggs. They do this not just for fun, but to help save these magical creatures. Finding the eggs helps players discover new parts of the game. The Temple of Gales shows how amazing Palia’s world is and how good its stories are.

Enter Palia’s world, where the Temple of Gales stands waiting. It holds the secret of the Silverwing Eggs. Players will face challenges but also feel great when they finish this special quest.

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