Where To Get Shanor Ingots in Return to Moria


Having trouble finding Shanor Ingots in Return to Moria? Need them to make your game better with their unique uses? You’re in the right place. This guide shows the best places and ways to get Shanor Ingots. Soon, you’ll master crafting in the depths of Moria.

Shanor Ingot Description and Crafting Requirements

Shanor Ingots are crucial in Return to Moria. They’re needed for crafting top-quality gear. This makes them very valuable for adventurers and crafters.

You’ll need 3 of each – copper, tin, and silver ores – to make a Shanor Ingot. These are found by mining around the game world.

A furnace is needed to turn these ores into ingots. It’s where the ores get smelted to pure metal. From there, a Shanor Ingot is born.

At the furnace, add your ores and watch the temperature. With care, you’ll get a Shanor Ingot as a result.

This Shanor Ingot is very useful. It can be used to craft strong weapons and armor. Players can improve their game with it in Return to Moria.

Shanor Ingot Crafting Requirements:

Ore Type Quantity
Copper Ore 3
Tin Ore 3
Silver Ore 3

Unlocking the Recipe for Shanor Ingots

To get the Shanor Ingots recipe, repair the Great Forge of Belegost. It’s been unused for ages. But with effort and the right items, you can restore it and find the recipe.

The forge is deep in Moria, which is dark and dangerous. The Watcher in the Water is there, protecting the recipe.

Beating the Watcher is hard. It’s very strong and smart. But defeating it is the key to the Shanor Ingots recipe.

Preparing for the Battle

Before the big fight, gather strong friends. Make sure you have good weapons, armor, and potions.

Explore Moria’s lower parts to get ready. Learn new skills and improve your gear for the battle.

The Battle Commences

Face the Watcher, watching its moves. It will try different things to defeat you. Stay alert and work with your team to win.

Hit the Watcher in its weak spots, be precise and coordinated. Beware of its quick attacks and tentacles, they can surprise even the best fighters.

Claiming the Recipe

Beating the Watcher rewards you with rare items and the Shanor Ingots recipe. The Great Forge of Belegost is fixed, and crafting the ingots is now possible.

The recipe shows how to mix copper, tin, and silver. Study it well and test different mixes to become a better crafter.

Continuing the Journey

Now with the Shanor Ingots secret, a new world opens to you. Make strong weapons and armor. The Great Forge gives you endless crafting options.

Moria awaits, full of adventure. Remember the Shanor Ingots victory. It shows what effort can achieve. And what waits for those who don’t give up.

Crafting Shanor Ingots in the Great Forge or Furnace

After fixing the Great Forge of Belegost, you’ll unlock Shanor Ingot crafting. You can now craft these valuable ingots. Crafting happens in the Great Forge or a furnace at your base.

For a Shanor Ingot, collect 3 copper ores, 3 tin ores, and 3 silver ores. These are vital for making the valuable ingots.

With the right amount of each ore, you’re ready to smelt Shanor Ingots. You can choose to smelt in the Great Forge or a base furnace, depending on what’s easier.

The Great Forge of Belegost is known for its high-quality Shanor Ingots. Yet, using a furnace at your base is a good alternative. It lets you smelt ores into Shanor Ingots just as well.

Decide whether to use the Great Forge’s power or a convenient furnace. Both ways will get you a perfect Shanor Ingot. This ingot is crucial for your adventure in Return to Moria.

Crafting Station Materials Required
Great Forge of Belegost
  • 3 Copper Ores
  • 3 Tin Ores
  • 3 Silver Ores
  • 3 Copper Ores
  • 3 Tin Ores
  • 3 Silver Ores

Alternative Methods for Obtaining Shanor Ingots

Not ready to meet the Watcher in the Water? There are other ways to get Shanor Ingots. Defeating orcs in a siege or in caves might get you some. Orc outposts in the Lower Deeps also offer Shanor Ingots in locked chests.

Orc Sieges

During a siege, you can get Shanor Ingots. Defend against orcs and they might drop Shanor Ingots when defeated. Win battles strategically to boost your chances of getting these rare items.

Orc Outposts in the Lower Deeps

In the Lower Deeps, find orc outposts. They’re guarded by strong orcs. After clearing them, open the chest to possibly find a Shanor Ingot. This is a great way to add to your Shanor Ingot supply.

Method Description Reward
Defeating Orcs during Sieges Engage in epic battles with invading orcs during sieges and defeat them to increase your chances of obtaining Shanor Ingots. Chance to get Shanor Ingots upon defeating orcs.
Clearing Orc Outposts Explore the Lower Deeps and locate orc outposts. Clear out the orcs, unlock the chest within, and you may find a valuable Shanor Ingot. Possibility of finding a Shanor Ingot in the outpost chest.

Not ready for the Water Watcher? These methods let you get Shanor Ingots without that risk. Be ready for orc sieges and explore the Lower Deeps. This will help you grow your Shanor Ingot collection and move forward in the game.

Orc Siege for Shanor Ingots

During an orc siege, you can get Shanor Ingots. These are important in Return to Moria. By beating orcs in these battles, you have a better shot at getting the ingots.

Orcs at your base during a siege are more likely to drop Shanor Ingots than those in caves. So, fight hard against these orcs. It will help you get more ingots for crafting.

Fighting in several orc sieges boosts your chances of getting a Shanor Ingot. Every siege is a new chance for the orcs to drop these rare items. Keep fighting in the sieges until you collect enough ingots for crafting.

Return to Moria is visually stunning and challenging. It lets you join thrilling battles for Shanor Ingots. Beat the orcs, increase your chances, and craft powerful items. This will make your game better with every Shanor Ingot you gain.

Orc Outpost for Shanor Ingots

In the Lower Deeps realm, you might find hidden orc outposts. These places have strong wooden walls and a special totem in the middle. They usually keep valuable items, like Shanor Ingots.

To get these treasures, players first need to beat the orcs who guard the outpost. After this, they must deal with a powerful totem. Breaking this totem is key. It gives access to a chest full of valuable loot.

When the totem is destroyed, look for an orc key among the ruins. This key opens the chest. Inside, you might find a Shanor Ingot. But remember, not every chest has one.

Searching these outposts is fun and can help you a lot in Return to Moria. You can find not just Shanor Ingots, but also other useful items. These can make your journey smoother.

Orc Outpost Rewards

Reward Description
Shanor Ingot A valuable resource used for crafting
Weapons and Armor Powerful gear to enhance your character’s abilities
Potions and Scrolls Consumables that provide temporary buffs or special effects
Gold and Gems Currency for purchasing items or customization options

Discovering an orc outpost can really help you in the game. Shanor Ingots and other great items are waiting. So, taking the chance to explore these outposts is a smart move.

Importance of Shanor Ingots and the Ironwood Pickaxe Recipe

Shanor Ingots are key in Return to Moria’s gameplay. They unlock the recipe for the Ironwood Pickaxe. This pickaxe is a Tier IV tool, letting you mine rarer ores, improving your mining skills.

The Ironwood Pickaxe changes the game by opening new resource-gathering opportunities. It’s very durable and mines better, helping you collect better resources. This pickaxe really boosts your success in the game.

Unlocking the Recipe for the Ironwood Pickaxe

To get the Ironwood Pickaxe recipe, first get Shanor Ingots. You can find these by defeating the Watcher in the Water or looting orc outposts. After collecting enough ingots, you can craft the Ironwood Pickaxe.

The Tier IV Advantage

The Ironwood Pickaxe outperforms lower-tier tools with better efficiency and durability. It mines faster and lasts longer, saving you time and effort. With this pickaxe, you can find the best ores and gems in the mines.

Maximizing Your Mining Potential

Getting Shanor Ingots early helps you get the Ironwood Pickaxe sooner. This pickaxe improves your mining, letting you gather rare materials. These materials are key for making powerful gear and advancing in the game.

Benefits of the Ironwood Pickaxe Impact on Gameplay
Efficient mining of rare ore veins Accelerates resource gathering and crafting
Higher durability than lower-tier pickaxes Reduces maintenance and replacement costs
Access to valuable resources Opens up opportunities for advanced crafting

Shanor Ingots and the Ironwood Pickaxe are crucial in the game. They offer new chances, reach rare resources, and enhance your gaming. Focus on getting Shanor Ingots, crafting the pickaxe, and enjoy a unique mining adventure.

Challenges of Obtaining Shanor Ingots

In Return to Moria, getting Shanor Ingots is tough. It tests your gaming skills and a bit of luck. Players must beat the Watcher in the Water boss and rely on luck to get through orc battles. Let’s see why these are hard:

Difficulty of the Watcher in the Water Boss Fight

Beating the Watcher in the Water boss needs a solid plan. Players must fight smart and as a team. This boss is strong and can hit hard, so you have to be ready to work together. Winning this fight is key to getting the Shanor Ingot recipe.

Luck-Based Orc Sieges and Outpost Encounters

Luck plays a big role in getting Shanor Ingots from orc battles and chests. There’s no surefire way to get them. Players need to keep trying and be a bit lucky to collect enough ingots.

To get past these hurdles, players need to be ready for everything. They must tackle the Watcher in the Water, handle orc fights, and search outposts. It takes a mix of skill and luck. This way, you can get the Shanor Ingots you need to move ahead in the game.

Tips for Overcoming the Challenges

Here are some tips to help you get more Shanor Ingots:

  • Group up wisely for the Watcher in the Water fight.
  • Know the boss’s moves to counter them better.
  • Join orc sieges often to up your chances.
  • Search deep in Lower Deeps for hidden orc chests.
  • Always aim to be better at fighting and carry good gear.
  • Stay at it and be patient, as winning Shanor Ingots takes time.

Using these tips, you can beat the odds, get more Ingots, and do better in the game.

Tips for Obtaining Shanor Ingots

To get more Shanor Ingots, use the right plans and be ready for your adventure. Being persistent and smart is key to finding these special resources. Here’s how to do it:

1. Be Well-Prepared for the Watcher in the Water Fight

The Watcher in the Water is a big boss at the Great Forge of Belegost. Before you fight it, make sure you have the best gear and items. Also, having strong friends with you and a high-level character will help a lot.

2. Participate in Orc Sieges

Fighting in orc sieges can help you get Shanor Ingots. Defending against orcs in these battles can make them drop the Ingots when you beat them. It’s a good way to collect Shanor Ingots.

3. Actively Search for Orc Outposts in the Lower Deeps

Look for orc outposts in the Lower Deeps for a chance at Shanor Ingots. These places, marked with wooden walls and totems, are worth exploring. Beat the orcs, break the totems, and open the chests to find Shanor Ingots.

Keep these tips in mind and stay smart and persistent in your search for Ingots in Return to Moria. Good luck on your adventure!


Getting Shanor Ingots is key in Return to Moria’s gameplay. They help craft and progress, letting players get better items. Following the advice in this article can help players get Shanor Ingots and improve their game.

To gather Shanor Ingots, players can choose from various options. They can make them at a furnace or the Great Forge from ores. Another way is to defeat orcs in sieges or find orc outposts. The challenge of getting Shanor Ingots makes the game more engaging.

Having Shanor Ingots lets players make an Ironwood Pickaxe. This tool helps mine rare ores. It gives players new ways to explore Moria.

To increase chances of getting Shanor Ingots, being prepared and strategic is important. Mastering the Watcher in the Water boss and joining orc sieges are good strategies.

Making Shanor Ingots isn’t just a task; it’s part of the game’s journey. So, face the challenges and enjoy the wins that come from your efforts and skills.


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They offer advice from both skilled players and the game’s makers. Use them to get better at crafting or to enjoy the game more as you journey through Moria.

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