Submit a game for review

Indie developers, looking for a promotional boost for your game? I’d love to help! Consider sharing a reviewer copy with me. Why?

It’s not about snagging freebies—I genuinely want to support indies, and you deserve compensation for your hard work. If your game clicks with me, I often end up purchasing a copy, whether as a gift or a prize.

With the overwhelming number of games out there, even if I played non-stop, I couldn’t explore them all. A reviewer copy ensures your game gets my dedicated attention, preventing it from slipping through the cracks.

Games I receive reviewer copies of get a fast pass to the front of my queue. I understand the importance of early reviews for indies, and I strive to deliver when it matters most.

If I enjoy it:

  • Your game gets featured on
  • A curated review sometimes lands on my Twitter, along with a positive customer review from me.
  • Expect additional social media love, including in-game screenshots and retweets of your game-related posts that I find compelling or entertaining.

I might also:

  • Craft a First Impressions article.
  • Write a full-fledged review.
  • Express interest in conducting an interview.

If it doesn’t resonate with me or I’m not your target audience:

No sugarcoating, no positive reviews for games that I don’t enjoy. However, no negativity either. Instead:

  • I’ll share constructive feedback with you privately.

Demos & Early Access

Sorry, no demo reviews here, but Early Access copies are welcome if they’re close to the final product—bugs squashed, polish underway, and the game mostly complete.

Ready to share your game?

You can email me a key. Usually, one copy does the trick, unless it’s a multiplayer-only game or you fancy a giveaway! =)