Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless New Features and Guide


Disgaea is a renowned strategy RPG series that is known for its deep character leveling and customization, engaging combat system, and captivating story set in the Netherworld. Each story in Disgaea is self-contained, offering unique experiences for players. The latest installment, Disgaea 7, celebrates the series’ 20th anniversary and takes place in the feudal Japan-inspired Netherworlds of Hinomoto, where bushido, the way of the warrior, used to rule.

General Information for Disgaea 7 and the Disgaea Series

Hinomoto and Bushido

  • Hinomoto is a land made up of various Netherworlds, each with its own unique inhabitants.
  • These Netherworlds once adhered to the code of bushido, which was at odds with their demonic nature.

The Founding Weapons

  • The Founding Weapons are the most powerful artifacts in the Netherworlds’ Infernal Treasures.
  • Only those who resonate with a weapon can wield it, granting deity-destroying power.
  • The protagonist, Fuji, and his companions gather these weapons to stand against the corrupt Shogunate.



  • Disgaea 7 features tactical, grid-based combat, commonly found in strategy RPGs.
  • Team Attacks: Stronger version of a normal attack with the help of your teammates.

Lifting & Throwing

  • Humanoid units can lift and throw adjacent entities, including allies, enemies, and objects.
  • Lifting allows a unit to pick up any adjacent entity, while throwing allows the lifter to toss the lifted unit onto another panel within range.

Character Reincarnation

  • Reincarnation allows characters to restart at level one, gaining various bonuses.
  • Available at the Dark Assembly, reincarnation offers increased base stats, the ability to switch classes and class tiers for generic characters, retention of learned weapon skills/spells/non-native evilities, and a permanent 5% increase in abilities for unique characters.

Meet the Cast


  • A quintessentially demonic demon who possesses brutality, frugality, and laziness.
  • He is driven to do anything to win in battle and lives by the motto “winners are heroes; losers are zeroes.”
  • Fuji claims to be allergic to empathy and reacts to love, friendship, or sympathy by vomiting blood and passing out.


  • A klutzy, rich, spoiled girl from the Netherworld of Wahei.
  • She is obsessed with the Hinomoto Netherworlds and often misuses bushido to manipulate others.
  • Pirilika firmly believes in the inherent goodness of others, regardless of their evil nature.


  • Known across Hinomoto as the Chivalric Thief, Mouse☆Girl.
  • Obsessed with weapons, explosions, and sniffing gunpowder.
  • She claims to collect Infernal Treasures for “research purposes.”


  • A young Foreseeing Magistrate, known for his cybernetic enhancements and data collecting abilities.
  • Speaks in a cold, robotic manner, but occasionally reverts to a normal little boy’s speech patterns.


  • Hinomoto’s puppet shogun, known for his cowardly, narcissistic personality.
  • Enjoys throwing parties and has a love for the ladies.
  • Wields the Demonic Staff, Tokugawa Tenge, one of the Seven Founding Weapons.


  • The inheritor of the Zesshosai title, marking her as the strongest swordmaster in Hinomoto.
  • Fuji’s old master, whom he describes as the most evil and sinister sword fighter ever.

Character Classes

Disgaea 7 offers 45 character classes, including four new classes.

New Classes

  • The Big Eye: A demonic creature capable of affecting enemies’ defense statuses.
  • The Bandit: Skilled at locating rare items and treasure.
  • The Maiko: Utilizes seductive attacks effective against male enemies.
  • The Zombie Maiden: Grows stronger as companions die and can come back to life.

New Features


  • Jumbified characters can attack any part of the stage, turning normal attacks into area attacks.
  • Special abilities called Jumbilities become available while Jumbified, granting various powerful effects.
  • Up to four Jumbified characters can battle simultaneously.

Hell Mode

  • Certain characters can build up their Hell Gauge during battle to unlock Hell Mode.
  • Hell Mode provides increased EXP gains and unlocks special skills, offering a significant power boost.

Item Reincarnation

  • Item Reincarnation allows players to transform items into powerful treasures.
  • The item’s previous characteristics are preserved, resulting in unique and unexpected combinations.


  • Auto Battle is available, but it comes with certain limitations and costs.
  • Players must manually clear a stage before using Auto Battle and accumulate enough Poltergas, the cost associated with it.
  • The more turns spent in Auto Battle, the more Poltergas is consumed.

Ranked Battles

  • Disgaea 7 introduces Online Ranked Battles, allowing players to match up against others worldwide.
  • Players must consider stage-specific rules and geo panels that affect the map and party composition.

Netherworld Sightseeing

  • Netherworld Sightseeing allows players to revisit and explore cleared areas.
  • Changes in dialogue and available actions reflect the player’s progress in the story.

These exciting features make Disgaea 7 a must-play for strategy RPG enthusiasts. Embrace the power of Jumbification, explore the Netherworlds, and strengthen your characters to face formidable challenges in the Netherworlds of Hinom

Title: Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless
● Developer: Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.
● Genre: Strategy RPG
● Audio Language: English/Japanese
● Text Language: English/French/Japanese
● Number of Players: 1
● Release Date: October 3, 2023 NA/
October 6, 2023 EU/October 13, 2023 ANZ

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