10 Beginner Tips for Mastering Thief Simulator 2 – Simple Guide


If you’re diving into the world of Thief Simulator 2 and aiming to become the ultimate master of stealth and larceny, here are 10 beginner tips to make your thieving life easier. From managing your inventory to navigating heists, these tips will help you navigate the world of Thief Simulator 2 seamlessly.

Tip 1: Efficient Inventory Management

When you arrive at your house, locate the storage in the corner. Items marked with a green icon are sellable on Black Bay. Deposit these items until your inventory is full. At your computer, open Black Bay to see what items are ready for sale. This ensures a streamlined selling process.

Tip 2: Crowbar Maintenance

Crowbars can break, impacting your thieving capabilities. If your crowbar disappears from your radial menu, head to the computer’s steel gear option to purchase a new one. While you can’t upgrade the crowbar, you can customize its color.

Tip 3: Unlocking Parcel Codes

As you progress through the game, you’ll uncover codes. These codes can be used in parcel lockers for free items. Find the parcel locker, enter the code, and receive a bonus item. This is a hidden feature that the game might not explicitly tell you about.

Tip 4: Dark Bank Investments

Consider depositing extra cash into the Dark Bank. Not only does it offer a 7% weekly increase, but it also protects your funds from being lost in jail if you get caught. Keep an eye on the weekly growth, and make wise investments to maximize your earnings.

Tip 5: Hell Neighbor and Optional Objectives

Before progressing to the next level, visit Hell Neighbor and pick up any optional objectives available. These objectives often provide valuable XP and cash, facilitating faster progression through the game. Completing these tasks will make leveling up a smoother experience.

Tip 6: Active Thief Contracts

Always have a thief contract active. Choose the one that involves stealing an item, and use binoculars from the steel gear option to mark objects through walls. This helps you locate items efficiently and complete contracts successfully.

Tip 7: Key Location in First Heist

In the Forest Side Resort, the key to access earrings is in a grass pile. Unlocking tips will guide you to the key’s location. Remember that you can revisit heists for additional looting, even after completing the main story objective.

Tip 8: Always Carry Lock Picks

Whether for basic lock picking or regular locks, ensure you always have at least three lock picks on you. They can be purchased on your phone, but buying them on the computer is more cost-effective. This ensures you’re prepared for any locks you encounter during heists.

Tip 9: Obtain a Ski Mask

To avoid recognition after a failed robbery, pick up a ski mask. Failing to use one might result in posters appearing in the city with your face. While you can remove these posters, having a ski mask helps maintain anonymity.

Tip 10: Calendar Events

Regularly check the in-game calendar for different events. Events can impact your thieving opportunities, such as lower item prices or reduced security during a parade. Plan your heists around these events to maximize your success.

Bonus Tip: Explore the Skill Tree

Explore the entire skill tree, including the purple abilities. Special items provide unique points that can unlock powerful abilities. Don’t hold onto these points; use them to enhance your thieving capabilities and gain advantages such as reduced noise and increased running speed.

As you delve into Thief Simulator 2, these tips will pave the way for a smoother and more successful thieving experience. Enjoy the game and may your heists be both lucrative and stealthy!

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