Winter Survival Game FAQ


What is Winter Survival?

Winter Survival is a brutal survival game – you’ll die regularly whether it’s from freezing, hunger, thirst, or deadly predators that lurk in the shadows. You will test your skills, wits, and even your very sanity in a struggle to endure the frigid, thankless winter environment. It’s so easy to make mistakes out in the wild. You are a rookie survivalist embarking on a life-changing journey to a picturesque valley, only to find that everything that could’ve gone wrong did exactly that. You’ve become isolated, exposed, and stripped of your essential survival equipment. With no one to turn to, you have only yourself and your wits to defy nature’s thankless verdict and survive against all odds.

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How long is the story mode?

The story mode is 2.5 hours up to 5 hours of gameplay depending on which difficulty you’re playing. Our game is a tough one, so this factor may have an impact as well.

On which difficulty should I play? 

Winter Survival is a hardcore survival game, so we highly advise choosing an Explorer difficulty which is an equivalent of the easy mode. However, if you feel like you have everything you need in order to survive and are looking for a challenge, Survivalist Level is the right one for you. 

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How do I fight wolves?

With wolves, you generally want to be defensive. Attacking them right away will not work, you want to hold your guard and wait till they jump on you. Once they do, you have to impale

them mid-air. After a couple of times they will die eventually. Before the next impale, you

might want to wait till the wolf stops bleeding to maximize the damage. On the Explorer difficulty, you do not even need to release the mouse button. All you have to do is hold LMB (Left Mouse Button), and when a wolf jumps on you, it will be impaled automatically. See the video below. On Survivalist however, you still need to release the button on the precise timing and it takes much more time for wolf to bleed out. 

How do I fight boars?

Boars are not as deadly as wolves, but they still can cause you some damage or even sprain your ankle. The way you fight with them is quite simple – wait until the boar is charging up on you, and with precise timing, double tap [A] or [D] to dodge. Then you have a short window of opportunity to stab him. After a couple of times the boar will die eventually. 

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How do I hunt deer? 

Hunting a deer is a quite challenging task to do. To hunt this creature, you need to hide in hiding bushes and strategize and analyze its path. Once you have a general idea of where its path is, place a hunting trap and wait for your prey to step into it. Then you’re gonna have a small window of opportunity to stab him a couple of times which will lead to his death eventually. Don’t forget to follow his trail as he slowly bleeds out. 

How do I know which items are collectible?

If you have problems finding anything in our game, simply press [Q], which will activate your survivalist sense and highlight all of the materials that you can gather. However, watch out for your stamina level. 

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How does the sanity system work?

The sanity system is the unique system that distinguishes Winter Survival from other survival games. In most survival games, the longer you play, the easier the gameplay will become. In Winter Survival is quite the opposite, thanks to the sanity system. In the game your character will suffer from a variety of different debuffs which will make your insanity grow. As your brain fills to 100%, the next time you go to sleep, the sanity panel will pop out. There you’ll be able to choose a new symptom that will make your gameplay different and harder. For instance – if you choose delusional predators, you might experience some phantom predators as you explore the area. Once you choose your symptom, it stays with you for the whole gameplay. The only thing you can do is to slow down the insanity growth by taking proper care of your character or acquiring buffs that will ease your brain a little bit. Sometimes the sanity system may also affect your adaptation level, which will block some recipes from you. Don’t worry tho – there will be a set of challenges that if you complete, the recipes will come back to normal.

Is there a building system in your game?

The building system unlocks as soon as you hit Adaptation Level 8. There are certain starting scenarios that allow you to have some building in the beginning. If you want to have a better shelter, you need to advance to Adaptation Level 28.

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