Myth of Empires – Basic Player Guide

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Myth of Empires will launch Version 1.0 on February 21 at 9:00AM PST on Steam. Myth of Empires is an epic sandbox survival MMO set in an ancient East Asian-themed world. Gather vital resources, craft basic weaponry, and discover new technology to unlock advanced weapons and inventions including armored cavalry, assault gliders, and even mobile elephant-mounted siege platforms! Master new skills to build base structures, tame animals, and assemble an army to fortify your territory. Establish a new dynasty however you choose – only the victors write the history in Myth of Empires

Version 1.0 will have significant new features that have been added since its initial Early Access launch back in November of 2021. Please see the full list of Key Features for the game below. 

Myth of Empires Early Play Tips 

Gather everything 

You’ll start unlocking new recipes every minute, so it helps that you already have material collected. So make sure to grab EVERYTHING. 

Choose and keep track of your “expertise points” 

As you play through the game, you’ll earn points that go toward your expertise. Leveling your expertise in a certain skill will help you level at a much quicker rate, helping you progress down its skill tree much faster. The sooner you spend your expertise points the more value you’ll get from them! 

Throw rocks

Seriously, don’t underestimate throwing stones. As boring as they sound (which it doesn’t), throwing stones are actually quite useful at the start of the game when you need to hunt and/or stun attacking creatures. 

Learn to block and block often 

When in combat, you don’t need a shield to block – while you may take some damage when blocking without a shield, surviving early combat encounters is a priority and blocking can save your life. 

Pay attention and complete missions for early survival rewards As you begin the game you will get several simple tutorial missions (i.e. gather X number of resources, build a campfire, etc.). Every time you complete a mission you get bonus survival rewards of additional resources as well as unlocking new recipes. In short, DO YOUR MISSIONS! 

Place map markers 

It’s easy to lose track of where you built your campfire, especially when you’re hunting for food (or being chased by potential food). So be sure to use map markers to note key locations. Open the map and you’ll be able to set markers that you and party members can see. 


Guilds and alliances play a pivotal role in your journey, serving as a cornerstone for pooling resources and exchanging vital information. This collaboration is key to successfully navigating challenging environments and building your empire. Moreover, you have the creative freedom to craft a unique identity for your Guild, from selecting a distinctive name to designing a banner. 


How much is the game for purchase? 

The base game is $39.99 USD ($35.99 during launch week). The Dongzhou Island Map is a free DLC download. The Musical Instruments Pack is available for $4.99 USD. 

How much space do I need for this game? 

Myth of Empires will require 60+ GB of hard drive space.

Will the game be coming to consoles? 

There are plans to release the game later this year on consoles. An official announcement on what consoles will be made in the near future. 

Where can I find other players to talk to? 

Legendary warriors can join the growing community here on the official Discord here: 

What Hashtags are used for social sharing? 

For social sharing we recommend using: #MoE or #MythOfEmpires 

Myth of Empires 

Publisher Imperium Interactive Entertainment 

Developer Angela Game / T’ien-Kung Studio 

Launch Date February 21, 2024 

Players Multiplayer Online, Single-player 

Price $39.99 USD 

Game Overview 

Become a legendary conqueror in Myth of Empires, a sweeping multiplayer open-world sandbox set in an ancient multicultural continent devoured by war. Rise from nothing to make an indelible mark on the annals of time. Survive unforgiving environments, fortify your homeland, assemble an army, and vanquish all that dare defy your eminence across solo and hosted modes. 

Seize and maintain power on land, air and sea with technologically advanced war inventions including impressive galleon ships, massive mobile siege platforms

mounted on elephants, and flying sky lanterns. Engage in PVP conflict across snowy peaks and rolling hills or strategize your company’s next raid via PVE server simulations. Continue to expand and build your empire with prosperous cities decorated with treasures from your exploration discoveries and battlefield victories. When the day’s war is won, consolidate allied forces in a fully-featured private server mode. Every myth is forged with might. How will history remember you? 

Key Features 

Year Of The Warlord: Start with nothing but your bare hands and wits, then battle to survive environmental dangers and wild beasts, and start to build your dynasty in this massive ancient Asia open-world survival RPG. Brave the elements solo, or band together with other players in hosted modes. Private servers have been upgraded to have all the same functionality as official servers. 

Craft Your Dynasty: Fight for what’s yours! Forge weapons and armor from over 1,300 crafting recipes, learn new skills and craft mechanical tools to farm better resources and build sturdier structures, and then expand both your territory and influence.The planting system allows players to grow crops wherever they like, freeing them to use the land in new creative ways. More weapon, structure, saddle, and armor cosmetics will be released post 1.0 launch. 

Expand Your Realm: Push beyond your territory borders to broaden the reach and rule of the empire! Find new ways to explore the world, including soaring gliders, climbing tools that will allow players to scale towering walls, along with rafts, warships, and giant sky lanterns. Players will discover new animal-taming methods and inherited attributes that allow their livestock to drive equipment more powerfully and efficiently. 

Legendary Battlefield Challenges: In addition to new boss encounters and a revamped boss AI, the game now features horse racing and different PVE server events like Fortress and Prefecture Battles that allow PvE players to experience the game’s large-scale combat. A Musical Instruments DLC pack is available now that features 10 traditional instruments with more original DLC content coming soon. 

Subjugate Your Rule: Angela Game has done in-depth research into historical warfare in set the stage for bloody, immersive battle, with warriors armed with war swords, battle axes, polearms, and crossbows, along with mounted battering rams, trebuchets, and advanced siege weapons. 1.0 launch sees new defensive structures and mechanical collection tools that will liberate players’ creativity and enable them to build ever more advanced and powerful empires. 

Donghzou Map: Explore the coastal land of Dongzhou Island, an expansive new world featuring islets, volcanoes, seas, and ships, as well as new boss content.

Modding Support: Version 1.0 will feature a robust modding tool, giving players more creative power over the world of Myth of Empires than ever before.

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