Palia Christmas Chest Locations


Ready to find all 7 festive treasure chests in Palia? Each chest has special gifts and home decorations. We will guide you to every location and help you grab these festive rewards!

Ever wondered where the hidden Christmas chests are in Palia? Get set for a thrilling adventure! We’ll show you where to find all 7 treasure chests. Can you discover them and get the rewards? Don’t miss this exciting quest!

How to Start the Quest and Get a Hint for Chest Locations

To start your journey, Zeki will send you a message. It has seven quotes that are clues for the hidden treasure chests. Zeki says it’s time for you to find the chests and reveal their treasures. Listen well to the hints and let the hunt begin!

Make sure you’ve done what’s needed to get Zeki’s message. When you’re ready, check your in-game mailbox often. The message might not arrive right away. So, explore Palia and be patient.

When you get Zeki’s message, read it with care. His quotes are clues to where the chests are. Think hard and use your smarts to find these hidden treasures.

The treasure chests are all over Palia’s big, unique area. From cozy inns to high cliffs, each spot is a new challenge. And finding them means finding rewards and decorations for your Palia home during the holidays.

Take your time and have fun exploring. And remember, it’s okay to ask for help if you’re stuck. Finding each chest and finishing the quest is really rewarding.

Christmas Treasure Chest Location 1: Barrel of Laughs at the Inn

Enter Palia, where the hunt for hidden Christmas treasures begins! The first stop is the quaint village of Kilima. Visit the Inn, alive with laughter and the spirit of the season. Here, a festive chest is hidden, full of surprises for you.

At Ormuu’s Horn Inn, you can’t miss the big barrel by the door. It’s placed there, ready for guests to explore. Look closely and the chest, ready for discovery, is yours to find.

Getting to this treasure demands a bit of adventure. Leap from the terrace to the roof, where a thrilling discovery awaits. With each step on the roof, excitement grows. Soon, the hidden chest will be in your hands.

Open the chest to find wonderful decorations for your home. This celebration awaits you before moving to the next spot. Onward, the search for Palia’s hidden Christmas chests continues!

Christmas Treasure Chest Location 2: Milling about in the Wind near My House

The second Christmas treasure chest is north of Kilima Village. It’s close to a charming house. Start at Zeki’s place with its lovely windmill. You’ll spot the treasure chest below, hidden in the whispers of the wind.

Enjoy the calm scene as the windmill’s blades gently turn. Look around under the windmill, and you’ll see the chest. It’s ready to share its surprises.

Open the chest and let the joy spread from the wind. Keep hunting for treasures in Palia. Move on to the next spot, full of hope and fun.

Image: Discover the Christmas treasure chest location as you mill about in the wind near your house.

Christmas Treasure Chest Location 3: Under a Bridge near a Watery Ridge

Ready for the next Christmas treasure chest spot in Palia? Let’s find it near a stunning watery ridge. The secret chest is hidden under a bridge by this beautiful sight.

Start by going south from Mirror Pond Ruins to find the bridge. You’ll see an amazing view of the calm watery ridge as you get close. Look under the bridge to find the chest waiting for you.

Open the chest gently and see the lovely surprises inside. Your home will be full of Palia’s Christmas joy.

Now you have this special treasure. Keep looking for more hidden chests. Get ready for the thrilling next step and keep your sense of wonder close!

Christmas Treasure Chest Location 4: Watching the Ormuu Clip-Clopping

The fourth Christmas treasure chest is waiting at the Daiyaa Family Farm in Leafhopper Hills. Look for a gazebo near the Ormuu Pen’s right corner. It’s close to the barn.

This gazebo is a great spot to watch the Ormuu. Enjoy the calm around you and observe these amazing creatures.

After you enjoy watching, time for your reward. Jump from the gazebo carefully to get to the hidden chest. Open it and see what you’ve found. You’re halfway through your exciting treasure hunt.

Feel the joy of finding these Christmas treasures. Enjoy the peaceful farm while looking for the next chest. Let the Ormuu’s sounds guide you.

Christmas Treasure Chest Location 5: Watching the Boathouse from a Cliff up High

The fifth Christmas treasure chest sits on a cliff above the boathouse. To uncover this gem, journey to the stunning Leafhopper Hills. Find the Fast Travel Board and search behind it for a cliff with an amazing view.

Standing on the cliff, you’ll see a perfect spot to watch the boathouse. Pause and enjoy the peaceful beauty around you. Then, carefully make your way down to the treasure chest.

Unlock the chest to reveal its secrets and earn your rewards. Keep exploring Palia and the thrill of the hunt. Stay excited for what’s next!

Christmas Treasure Chest Location 6: Teetering Close to a Watery Swim

Your quest for Christmas chests takes you to Palia’s southern side, by Einar’s Dock. The sixth chest is there, almost falling into the water. It sits on a post, ready for a true adventurer to claim it.

To get the chest, go to Einar’s Dock and watch for the post. Walk there carefully. By getting this chest, you’ll feel the thrill of what Palia’s mystery offers.

Once you open the chest, its prizes will be yours. Feel the holiday cheer as you enjoy your success. With just one chest left to find, the biggest prize is close.

Countdown to the Final Chest

Before you go for the last chest, let’s think about your journey:

Treasure Chest Location Description
Location 1: Barrel of Laughs at the Inn Hidden on top of a barrel near the entrance of Ormuu’s Horn Inn in Kilima Village.
Location 2: Milling about in the Wind near My House Beneath the windmill on Zeki’s property, north of Kilima Village.
Location 3: Under a Bridge near a Watery Ridge Concealed beneath a bridge south of Mirror Pond Ruins.
Location 4: Watching the Ormuu Clip-Clopping Located near the Ormuu Pen at the Daiyaa Family Farm in Leafhopper Hills.
Location 5: Watching the Boathouse from a Cliff up High Situated on a cliff offering a view of the boathouse near Remembrance Beach/Garden in Leafhopper Hills.
Location 6: Teetering Close to a Watery Swim Perched on a post near Einar’s Dock on the southern side of Palia.

Congratulations on all you’ve done! Now, the final chest is all that’s left. Keep your focus, your heart determined. Let the mystery of the last chest lead you to victory!

Christmas Treasure Chest Location 7: In a Big Pile. Find It!

The last Christmas treasure chest is in Palia. It’s waiting near a large gazebo by Kilima Central Stables. If you spot a barn, you’re close. There’s a big pile of decorations nearby. Search well, as the chest is somewhere in this pile.

Search the decorations carefully. Look for any hints or patterns that might lead you to the chest. Once you find it, your treasure hunt will be complete. Enjoy your final rewards and the joy of this adventure. Happy holidays!

Claim your final rewards hidden within a big pile of Christmas decorations.

Completion Reward

Find all 7 Christmas treasure chests in Palia to get special decorations. Your home will get the Winterlights Chest, a Gold Wreath, and more. These items make your space feel festive and warm.

Add these decorations in your Palia home to feel the season’s joy. The Winterlights Chest leads, with a Silver Plate and Coat Rack adding style. Hang up a Gold Wreath and a Silver Wreath. With the pretty Trinket Decor and Tree Topper, your home will look like a winter wonderland.

After finding the treasures, enjoy your new festive vibe. Surround yourself with the beautiful glow of Winterlights. This is the season to celebrate and feel the holiday spirit in Palia with these new decorations.

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